Dragon Hills 2 Mod Apk

Download Dragon Hills 2 Mod Apk 1.1.6 (Unlimited Coins)

Introduction Game

Dragon Hills 2 APK is a crazy and novel zombie-killing action game for mobile. In the game, you will play the princess riding a dragon to destroy the bloodthirsty zombies to save the kingdom.

Dragon Hills 2 is the sequel to the game “Dragon Revenge of the Princess” Dragon Hills. In the first part, the princess rides the dragon to avenge the fraudulent prince who takes advantage of her to steal all the gold in the dragon dungeon and then run away. And now, we meet this strong girl again in a whole new mission.

The kingdom where the princess was born is having a serious epidemic, turning healthy people into zombies. The only method now is to kill all infected people. And this time the princess continued to take action.

Regarding gameplay, Dragon Hills 2 does not change too much with its predecessor. You will control the dragon to slide down the hills, dig deep into the ground and then fly up again, rushing down to destroy everything on the path of action-packed adventure.

You will discover thrilling lands, magic full of zombies, giants and a lot of surprises. What are you waiting for? Get ready to accompany the brave princess in this super fun new journey!

rTedNG0 - Dragon Hills 2 1.1.6 (Unlimited Coins)Dragon Hills 2 APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Super fun, fast and furious gameplay
  • Fully destructible terrain (buildings, bridges, vehicles and more)
  • Epic boss battles, 28 towers to conquer and 4 completely different and exciting worlds to explore
  • Upgradeable weapons, dragons and explosive power-ups available for unlocking
  • Easy to learn, intuitive one-touch controls combined with innovative gameplay
  • Achievements and leaderboards to compete with friends

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Reviews Of Game

Ayush Sarkar: Great game with gorgeous and colorful gameplay. Partly from the graphics, the game is very challenging. I like the world and ultimately unlockable dragons need a lot of effort to achieve. I also played Cookies Must Die and rated it 5 stars, well worth playing. It also deserves 5 stars, no less. Please try.

Eric Kluska: I am a fan of “Dragon Hills” and when I installed “Dragon Hills 2”. I was very surprised at what you did. Everything was lost now here. You have made it much easier to play than the upgrades will be made. Congratulations and keep it this way in the future!

Brother Allen: When I was little, this game made me very happy, I mean you control a dragon. And go as far as possible with it if there’s an apology latency problem. But if you scroll through the reviews to see about the game, please install it.

Imran Bidin: Good game, but first need a control button to make the jump when you are on the floor. The second is the gun’s point if it’s not attached to my dragon. A dragon without firepower.

Seemeen Faisal: I absolutely love the way it’s very scientific & the bosses are simple to beat and the music is fascinating! The game was a great success!