Publisher Nintendo Co. Ltd.,
Category RPG,
Latest Version 2.15.1
Size 170MB
MOD Features No
Requirements Android 4.4+
Updated On December 30, 2021
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Dragalia Lost Introduction

Dragalia Lost APK, the first RPG created in cooperation with Cygames developer and Nintendo, is available on mobile devices. Games are currently available on Google Play, Appstore and Android Market. However, only a few countries can be downloaded are Japan, Taiwan Macau, Hong Kong and the United States.

The story

Dragalia-Lost-APK1Dragalia Lost APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Stop living a life filled with stress and fatigue. You will find a new place in the land Alberia where dragons and humans have found a way of living in peace. You can take the form of a dragon to use their power in battles and create a treaty. One day, things got worse when Alberia’s Sacred Shard began to lose its power. As the seventh prince Euden, you are tasked to make a deal with a powerful dragon. Besides, you will investigate the mysteries of Sacred Shard’s weakness, defense and countless monsters trying to attack your kingdom.


Dragalia Lost APK is a similar game to action RPGs but has a high level of development and care from the developers that adds to its special appeal. Drag the character around by pressing the arrows button. To fight enemies, you can touch the attack button and swipe the screen. Every monster in the area has an elemental affinity, so it is important to take advantage of their weaknesses when fighting.

Brave fight


You will come across the presence of monsters along the route. They often stay in herds so it becomes more difficult to confront them. You are not the only one fighting this battle, but you have your support. The Japanese game of shogun shows solidarity. Boss appears in the last place on the map. You can transform into a dragon to defeat the boss, but this takes time.

60 heroes

You can also customize your hero by building a small structure called The Halidom. You can also make improvements and build structures for your heroes. Dragalia Lost provides over 60 heroes as well as a wide range of weapons and equipment.

Dragalia Lost APK doesn’t give you the ability to visit Halidom with your friends, which is a shame. Halidom is also home to your dragon. Here you can train your dragon so that it can transform into a fighting dragon.

Diamantium is the currency in this game, while Wyrmite is used to unlock more characters. Wyrmite is earned by completing story quests or reward jobs. This game has a short mission so you can quickly complete the quest to earn money and experience.


Graphics & Sound

Dragalia Lost APK has some very nice graphics. Characters based on anime are similar to those in Japanese games, but they have a unique approach to skin tone and facial expressions. Dragalia Lost’s sound is very distinct, even though it’s not a music video. The Japanese artist Daoko’s music is very effective in voicing the characters.

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Main Features

A combination action RPG created by humans, dragons, and other creatures

  • Dragalia Lost, a swipe-controlled action RPG, is about the bonds between dragons and humans. Use a range of powerful skills and attacks to conquer your enemies and transform yourself into a dragon.

A story of heroes, legends and allies.

  • More than 60 voices are available to assist you in your quest!


  • Dragalia Loss features music by DAOKO, a Japanese artist.
  • Her engaging musical score is a great addition to an upbeat gaming experience!”

Dragalia Lost Reviews

Hisaam Hashim: I don’t play many Gacha Games, so my opinions are not necessarily accurate. This game has a good story and is F2P-friendly. If you are looking for story, another Eden might be better. However, this game is more balanced. The game has a lot to offer and the replayability, music and performance are all top-notch. I recommend this game to F2P players.

Ian Ochoa: Although it may seem odd, I am a Nintendo fan and I still love this game. It’s story: BEUTIFUL! The gameplay is amazing! It’s amazing! But not all. After just a few minutes, the game crashes. It happens, it’s not a problem. However, it would be nice to be able to continue playing the game without it crashing. Another problem is how much storage it takes up. The game uses up 8 gigabytes of storage. 8. GIGABYTES. It’s still a wonderful game!

Brandon Christensen: This game is great fun. The character and dragon collecting are great. It has an amazing story, and it’s super fun to fight. Although I don’t like to spend any money on mobile games, this one is going to change my mind. This is a great option if you like RPGs.

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