Doodle Jump Mod Apk

Download Doodle Jump Mod Apk 3.11.7 (Unlimited Coins, Unlocked)

Introduction Game

One of the hottest games of all time – a free and optimized version for Android comes from game developer Lima Sky. Doodle Jump APK is fun for everyone and completely free to play.

Doodle Jump is an extremely fun and addictive action game. In the game, you guide Doodle to start the journey on a paper map, jumping from platform to platform by tilting the machine accurately and subtly so that your character can get to the highest position possible.

In the process of jumping, you will face countless dangers, such as brittle brown steps, black holes, balloon balls, or monsters … However, along with that is also the steaming auxiliary guide helps you move up faster like helmets, jet equipment, springs …

Although the gameplay is simple, but Doodle Jump is extremely addictive thanks to the interesting tilt control mechanism, which requires the players to be skillful. A few reviewers, Doodle Jump also has the ability to cause no less inhibition when playing Flappy Bird. But surely you will have to replay countless times and it is difficult to put the device down once you have participated in this journey.

Right now, feel the excitement of being able to conquer the high position with Doodle and break your score record, surpassing the scores of other players. Doodle Jump’s simple, doodle hand-drawn graphics make this game even closer and more interesting.

LHxwXo3 - Doodle Jump 3.11.7 (Unlimited Coins, Unlocked)Doodle Jump APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Many fantastical worlds to play in – Ninja, Space, Jungle, Soccer, Underwater, Snow, Halloween, Frozen Ice, Easter and Pirates!
  • Awesome power-ups to pick-up (JET PACKs, PROPELLER HATS, ROCKETS, trampolines…)
  • Trippy obstacles to avoid (UFOs, black holes, and many, many monstrous monsters)
  • Mad platforms to jump on (Broken, moving, disappearing, shifting, EXPLODING…)
  • NEW! – More than 100 missions to complete for rewards
  • Global leaderboards, fun achievements! Beat your friends’ scores!

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Reviews Of Game

Evodio Bardo: I’ve always loved the game about how simple it is, but how great it is to be a time killer. To be honest, even when it was released in 2013, I still found it fun. It will never be old, maybe for others though. This game is always entertaining, not for me anymore. But this is a great game to kill some time in the quarantine process to be honest. I rate this game to be 5, great and interesting if you participate in casual games. And ordinary, simple and fun to kill time easily.

Ryan Hau: IIRC I first installed this game again when it was Editor’s Choice. This is one of those simple games to get tough but hard to master. Ideally you have five minutes to kill while waiting for a ride or a break from the more demanding applications. Doodle Jump is simple but creative and aesthetically appealing and it’s low enough in resources to run well on budget phones.

Amy Marshall: I really like this game! Whenever I go on holiday, I usually play this game at Arcade. And when I found out there was a mobile game for it, I was excited! The design of the game is very beautiful and it is addictive. I love the way they don’t push ads in your face. That makes the game even better. I recommend to everyone!

Rae Jade: Grafics: GREAT !! It’s like someone attracted everything and you come alive. Do not step on the brown they break and not bouncy Green is normal and bouncy. If you step on a trampoline, hat, springs or jetpack, you go higher than the yellow ones show. And blue moves cute.

Classydays43: If there was an enemy hall of foes as the largest application in mobile storage, this would be one of them. It’s a timeless classic, and anyone hasn’t played it yet. All have yet to experience the potential mobile games really have to offer.

Jessica Walker: I really like this game but with one of the missions to shoot 10 monsters without missing out. It does not say consecutively so I think you should change it so that it is not consecutive. But also it is one of the best games I have.