Don't get fired! Mod Apk

Don't Get Fired! Mod Apk 1.0.39 (Unlimited Money)

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    Don't get fired!
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    Unlimited Money
  • Platforms
    Android 4.1+

Introduction Game

Don’t Get Fired APK for Android are job seekers destroying their cell phones and contract workers cry like little girls after they play the game!

The game is about an unemployed man who wants to find a job and make a career, and to get to what position he agrees to participate in many interviews.

After a few encounters with recruiters, employees are finally noticed. Now it is your duty not to quit your job.

Don’t get fired! Is a survival game in which you can play a character without money, without any connections. You need to get him up the company ladder from ‘trainee’ to ‘president’.

Don’t get fired APK for Android Experience the harsh working conditions in Korea with simple controls! How many companies will you have to go through to become the president?

rHx2PhS - Don't Get Fired! 1.0.39 (Unlimited Money)Don’t get fired! APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • To all job seekers and contract workers tired, and frustrated!
  • Make your dreams come true in this game!
  • Until you reach the top of the ladder …
  • Don’t. OK. Fired!

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Reviews Of Game

Scott Bezak: Just not knowing what to do sometimes really shows the real world lol. Upgrade what, what you need most, what should you do. All are really fun to find out and this game is super fun. Sometimes I have trouble touching the blue speech bubble. But I think it might be deliberate so that it becomes difficult in the past piling up that work. Allow the game to distract you from unemployment. In your real life.

Trey barrera: I love this game! Challenging, I find it addictive. Great idle game. Failure is inevitable, but you will gain experience in the long run. I love broken English. It is a cute joke. I paid with no ads. And it’s worth just CAD 1.09 after tax to me. Listed as 0.99 in the game. I have never seen an application version. There are no cheaper ads than before. And I often never think it’s worth it.

Devyn W: Most people describe this game. It’s hard or unforgivable and you’re right. But the goal of the game is to get fired 100 times. Before you really start to progress because eventually. Then you are barely fired anymore and it becomes a lot of fun. It’s a neat concept and keeps you busy for the right amount of time. I would recommend it to anyone who likes strategy / luck.

Kevin Jain: This game offers a great experience. It is an incredible time killer. And really interesting in less than 15 minutes on the 26th company.

Seanna Quah: It’s a great game. But sometimes you click on guys trying to talk. It doesn’t work and it’s annoying. When you get fired for something stupid. And quite hard to make money. But still love that game absolutely amazing.