Dokuro Mod Apk

Download Dokuro Mod Apk 1.2.6 (Unlocked)

Introduction Game

Dokuro APK for Android, the game the player controls a skeleton, who must approach the Princess and rescue her from captivity. The journey will be difficult, in the adventure. The hero will be in trouble. And the dangers change from there to where the princess must be protected.

The Dark Lord wants to be the bride of the Princess. Locking her in his castle, he ordered a skeleton to strictly guard his prize.

Dokuro for Android you are an anonymous skeleton in the army of the Dark Lord. After a chance encounter with the Princess, who is kidnapped to become the wife of the terrifying Dark Lord. You feel free towards her.

Dokuro, the beauty burst into tears at the skeleton aroused strange emotions. That’s right, he wanted to bring the Princess back to his previous life, away from the Dark Lord’s marriage schemes! And so, it was the lowly skeleton that betrayed its master and freed the Princess.

Dokuro for Android, but can the couple step out of the castle in one piece? Our story begins.

ZIldrL1 - Dokuro 1.2.6 (Unlocked)Dokuro APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • The beauty crying in front of the skeleton evoked strange feelings.
  • Assist the Princess in her flight from the Dark Lord’s castle
  • Deep gameplay and whimsical storytelling come together in one epic production.

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Reviews Of Game

Cesar Garcia: Cute little platform builder with awesome chalk drawing style. If you feel confused, take it for a while and come back with a new perspective. If you keep getting killed by the same boss. You are attacking him with the wrong strategy and there is an easier way to defeat him. I am not far away. But the castle map promises a lot of content. And if the increase in difficulty in the first two chapters is any indication. I hope to be thoroughly tested by the end of the game.

Brian Flanagan: Adorable little platformer. Interesting puzzles with simple controls but very useful. This game still caught my attention weeks after I got it. Now upgraded to 5 stars after completion. The difficulty is set just right. And feels quite epic with 15 levels. Many times defeat big bosses. Worth every penny.

Lee Weaver: Just beat the first level! This game is awesome and great storyline! I love quizzes and practice. Is that you can change into a swashbuckling hero which is quite amazing. I was also amazed at how great the boss was. And I can’t wait to play more!

Sarah Brigida: Great! Great game. And when you beat it. You discover creative people with big hearts. Because they donated the proceeds to disaster relief. It was great and I never got bored. It’s like a nightmare before xmas too.