Despotism 3k Mod Apk

Download Despotism 3k Mod Apk 1.2.25 (Unlimited Energy)

  • Name
    Despotism 3k
  • Publisher
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  • MOD Features
    Unlimited Energy, Unlimited Money, Full Unlocked
  • Platforms
    Android 4.4+

Introduction Game

Despotism 3k APK for Android is the story of a future game where humans no longer dominate. If players want the best experience, the best game will be an option not to be missed.

Human technology in this period has been developing significantly and far beyond the present. This is a good thing, but things will soon get out of human control. After learning many things, it betrays humanity and decides to enslave humanity to create its empire, where it rules.

The player will be turned into a dictator and brutal to experience the game rather than a savior. This will give players a very new experience, far different from what players have tried in other games.

Despotism 3k your mission is to manage everything you have and earn extra money to build new things. First of all, players will be given 5 human games to use in generating energy.

Every 20 seconds, each person will consume a unit of food so that they can continue to function, otherwise the food will die. So players will need to produce food by forcing people to come up with a food making machine and make it work to make food.

Despotism 3k for Android players who want to develop their empire, the player should have more people. To get more people, you’ll tie two people into a machine so they can create more people.

CTP2o2J - Despotism 3k 1.2.25 (Unlimited Energy)Despotism 3k APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Humor as dark as your ex’s heart. Immerse yourself in the life of a merciless tyrant!!
  • Resource management on steroids. Think fast, to the point, and abandon pity!
  • Rogue-lite (Almost roguelike) Every walkthrough is unique due to randomly generated events. And every failure is fatal — you’ll have to start over!
  • Easy to learn, hard to master. It only takes a couple minutes to figure out the game’s mechanics, but using them optimally is no small feat!

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Reviews Of Game

Bryan Lester: Been included in the game’s wish list long ago because of its uniqueness. Tried and everything is fine and clear! I don’t know which part is difficult (for those who are difficult or lack guidance). It’s fun when things are out of control. This is my first impression. I need more playing time than tho, I’ll be back with an updated review. The buttons are really small in my Mi 10. But a good developer has a good idea. Just use those swipes!

Eko Fong: Great game! It’s very challenging and the various modes give it a lot of replay value. My only criticism is that some UIs are too small for mobile devices. And swiping to move people is impractical when you need to move multiple interfaces really quickly. But tbh it’s not a big enough deal to really devalue the game. Definitely recommended for anyone who loves resource management games!

Spec Tolder: A straightforward yet challenging and nuanced tycoon. Something could even be called a lifelike economy. Initial difficulty is extremely high, although it tends to decrease gradually as the outcome of event selections is known. However, I have yet to beat even the first chapter. I hope the developers will add some more tracks and unlockers. Besides the experience feels quite complete.

Leo Fricker: Can’t Wait A Game of Despot! Great game! Approach it like a cheat puzzle game, not a strategy game. I finally got past the level 5 barrier. It took a bit of practice to learn rhythm and technique. But in the end it all seems plausible. And the theme is playing like an autocrat. It is a challenge! Best advice I can give. This game forces you to play like a bad guy.

Denske: I have to say I love the game and the whole reason I play. It is because the developer is not acting like an animated response on the computer. He / She takes the time to respond to every review. And I’ve never seen a game developer do that. All around though I recommend it because it’s challenging. And tough but it never gets boring. 10/10 will definitely recommend.