Publisher Sui Arts,
Category Adventure,
Latest Version 1.1.6
Size 126MB
MOD Features Unlocked Paid Content
Requirements 5.0+
Updated On September 20, 2022
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Dentures and Demons 2 Introduction

Dentures and Demons 2 is a black funny adventure game published and developed by Sui Arts. The game has just been released for Android devices. In the game, you will join the adventure with a group of explorers. The goal is to find out about strange events and solve mysteries that are happening in the city.

Dentures and Demons 2 MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

After destroying the evil plans of the Dentures cult, Junior was promoted to sergeant and the city of Varedze returned to its original peace. Not long after that, a young girl named Vala happens to be caught up in the world of Dentures and Demons. She received an anonymous call. He announces that the world is in danger because an evil force is rising. Vala must fight alone and find a way to regain Varedze, avoiding the outbreak of wars affecting innocent people.

Dentures and Demons 2 is designed as part one. You will have to search for clues to come up with solutions to levels. If successful, you will continue to play to the next level. The biggest danger you need to dodge is the hordes of monsters. They appear everywhere. If unfortunately, the character will be killed by them and that is the reason why you have to play again from the beginning.

Dentures and Demons 2’s graphics are also designed similar to the first part, retaining the classic 2D pixelation. However, the character has been elaborated more thoroughly. You can test that out when talking to the NPCs or their fearful expressions when facing creepy monsters. Overall, the graphics of Dentures and Demons 2 are quite well designed. But the characters and setting are quite intimidating. You should consider this before deciding to download and experience the game.

Main Features

  • Graphic adventure spiced up with puzzles and arcade moments
  • A lot of different scenarios
  • A map to move across the city
  • Many puzzles and meta-puzzles
  • A new, larger inventory, to store and combine many objects …so many objects!
  • 50 Hidden achievements
  • A lot of Easter eggs
  • Secret scenes and multiple endings based on your choices and on weird interactions
  • Scenes rich in characters, dialogue and interactions, enjoyable by the point-and-click fans
  • Story mode for more than 4 hours of fun
  • Customize your character

Dentures and Demons 2 Reviews

Steven Mercado: Both these games are ridiculously awesome. Definitely worth trying out. Need a bit of patience at times, but both games are not filled with ridiculously impossible solutions and the fact that there’s not ads popping up every minute gives the game a chance to be very enjoyable without pausing to often. Love the style and humor of the story. Definitely one of the best of the genre I’ve come across

Samantha Bible: Fantastic game overall, my one gripe would be that there’s no way to repeat certain stages in order to change your choices and the story. Ended up making a wrong choice at the very last stage which resulted in the “bad ending” with a time loop. The game says it will give you the chance to go back and fix it, but it just sends me back to the main menu.

Maybe MayDe: This game is among some of the greatest mobile games. The story is amazing, humor is god tier, puzzles are interesting, story is epic, characters are interesting, and its heart wrenching. I think it is near impossible without checking the website atleast once, but that Is in no way a bad thing. My only suggestion is that if you do make another game in the future, make it easier to notice slight changes like when the fan stopped working. Maybe highlighting it or something.

Download Dentures and Demons 2 APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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