Defense Zone 2 HD Mod Apk

Download Defense Zone 2 HD Mod Apk 1.7.0 (Unlocked)

Introduction Game

Defense Zone 2 HD Mod Apk (Unlocked). The story of Thu Thanh: Tower Defense Zone 2 continues the first part, the evil monsters in the world of Thu Thanh have returned and of course many times more dangerous with more modern equipment, The number of troops and missions of the gamer is even heavier and more difficult.

Tower Defense Zone 2 is equipped with a well-invested toy map system, the designs are also different than other games of the same genre, the map is still played horizontally but the view is open. Wider. This will help gamers have a general overview of the battle, giving the most discerning tactics to fight.

This map system is also quite different from Zonmob’s Tower Defense games. In Thu Thanh: Tower Defense Zone 2, the number of maps has also been increased to 20, more than 2 times higher than the old version and with 3 main levels: Nornal, Hard and Nightmare.

Each battle in Thu Thanh: Tower Defense Zone 2 will have about 15 to 25 attacks and a phase lasting about 10 minutes. Each match, gamers will be selected 8 out of 14 weapons and 1 special weapon to be able to use in emergencies and you will have to calculate how to buy weapons to be most effective.

The sound system of Thu Thanh: Tower Defense Zone 2 is also invested quite well, the quality of bangs, machine sounds, and music are always alive. Although not a major factor, the sound is indispensable in a good game.

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Game Features

  • Play the game in your language. One thing that has always bother most gamers from all over the world is definitely the lack of their supported languages. So if English is not your native language, you might find it difficult getting familiar with the gameplay.
  • Different difficulties to choose and a well-balanced gameplay. To make gamers stay relatively interested in their series. The game allows players to choose the suitable difficulties depending on their current skills. For beginners, you can find simple guides and tutorials on your easy game mode. Which would allow you to quickly familiarize with the gameplay.
  • Endless hours of fun and excitements. As mentioned before, the battles take place in a massive area consisting of different maps and terrains. You’ll need to choose the right firearms and place them in strategic positions in order to deal devastating damages to your enemies.
  • Experience a completely no-ads gameplay. And to deliver constant in-game experiences without being disrupted, Defense Zone 2 HD is completely ads-free. As a result, you can enjoy playing without being bothered by the annoying ads. And most importantly, the costs are completely free and you won’t have to pay any extra.

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Reviews Of Game

David Flores: An excellent tower defense game. I especially like the fact that it’s pay once, play forever. No annoying micro transactions to bleed you dry. No sense that you paid to win. Some levels are quite challenging until you’ve developed a strategy. And learned the pros and cons of your various weapons sytems. Good replay value as well.

Diwiak BB: One of best TD games out there, its quite aged but DZ3 feels too hard difficulty to me. Iam playing on compact device and the only thing. I would look for is option to make bottom menu buttons bigger. Definitely worth the money!

Danijel K: Alright, so we can look forward to more frequent cloud saving and all missing achievement being awarded upon login in the future?