Publisher Zala Games,
Category Strategy, Tower Defense,
Latest Version 0.5.0
Size 102MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requirements Android 4.4+
Updated On December 2, 2021
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Defense Heroes Introduction

Defense Heroes MOD APK is a classic tower defense game with standard gameplay. You will once again be immersed in dramatic and fierce battles, the game was released by Zala Games.

Defense Heroes Plot

Defense Heroes MOD APK revolves around heroes who are fighting day and night to protect the world from evil. After the war, they returned from the battlefield and longed for a life of peace. But it seems that all those good things were broken as soon as the gates of hell opened, bringing with them the dead corpses and demons. They attack the kingdom with the aim of destroying all human life.

Defense-Heroes-MOD-APK1Defense Heroes MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Saint Swordsman led his army one step behind. He realized this when he saw the devastating scene on the battlefield, full of blood and corpses. He knew his mission was to lead the remaining warriors to fight to protect the innocent from death. However, the enemies he and his teammates are about to face are not only the undead, but they are also demons from hell with powerful magic.

Will this last war bring possible results under the leadership of Saint Swordsman? Please follow him to find the answer!

An interesting tower defense game for Android

Defense Heroes MOD APK is a typical tower defense game. Your throughout task in the game is to summon heroes along the road leading to the castle and not let the enemies cross your defenses.

To do this, you just need to tap on a location on the screen to gather and build troops. Then click on the skull icon in the left corner of the screen to start the fight.


Usually, each fight has 4 to 5 rounds. Corresponding to each round, you have to fight a wave of enemies. When their force is completely defeated, you should immediately prepare your force for the next wave. If it is possible to win all rounds, you will pass the level, receiving rewards from the system.

Collect and summon new heroes

The difficulty and complexity will gradually increase as you arrive at new locations. Sometimes, you will have to deal with enemies that are invisible or have a large body. If they are invisible, the heroes cannot attack or damage them. And then, the hero’s special skills will take effect. Lighter has the ability to illuminate invisible enemies. Knights have the ability to power up the entire squad to be able to defeat enormous enemies. Meanwhile, mages can freeze enemies, causing them to slow down.

Besides, heroes can develop stats including attack, defense, and time of special abilities. You can equip them with weapons, costumes, or awaken them.


Defense Heroes MOD APK is considered a quite flexible game. It allows you to take action while the fight is going on. You can use support items, summon more heroes, and upgrade them during the fight. Although the process costs a lot of coins, you can earn them by winning or gaining special achievements.

MOD APK Version Of Defence Heroes

  • Unlimited Money

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Main Features

The Great Defense

  • DEFENSE HEROES: Defender War Offline Tower Defense is a tower defense strategy offline game with a very special defense genre but the gameplay is extremely simple: touch – drop – upgrade.
  • Build your lines and interrupt each wave of bloodthirsty enemies. Remember to carefully consider where to place your hero defense..

TD Strategy Challenges

  • Carefully prepare your strategy for enemy operations. Your mission is to touch the most strategic positions to build an invincible army of defender heroes to protect the route. If you do not quickly come up with appropriate defensive tactics, you will soon be defeated by the number of monsters and bosses who cause defender war will constantly increase rapidly. Be careful on your hero defense way!

Summon Legendary Heroes

  • With 6 main generals including 60+ warriors, each defender hero has different preeminent skills.
  • Recruit, summon your generals and use the most appropriate defensive tactic to take advantage and unleash incredible incredible powers.

Awake Your Defender Hero

  • Do not forget to upgrade and awake your royal warriors to gain an advantage in the fighting battle in this unique offline game Defense Heroes. When strong heroes combined with smart tactics will help you easily win each battle between the two empires.

Magic Skills

  • The system of magic skills of defender heroes is extremely diverse, such as pushing monsters down the cliff, shooting from trees, freezing enemies, healing teammates or increasing money in the game screen will help you win in each match.

Defense Heroes Reviews

Justin ebel: Leveling up your heros is a little slow but otherwise it’s a good game

Mhasikhotuo Mere: Great game ,I just wish there was more allies or hero, hope we get to see new allies n hero to use in the battlefield with more updates ,the difficulty in the game makes it challenging n fun at the same time, the unique ability of the characters makes it even more exciting,I will recommend playing this game to any tower defense lover out there .

Fenua Augustina: Cute characters, handles are great. Some levels are harder to pass, but the challenges are good fun. I’m not too bored replaying the same levels over & over again to power up. + An extra star for offline ⭐

Er Wee Liang: Good game I would say, but it takes time to accumulate coins, hero pieces, weapon pieces or anything. After recent update, the buy keys option is blocked as the plus sign is not available anymore.

么什: Nice + fun games -w- , but for endgear itself you must grind hard tho , PS : creating tree skills was really slow T.T

Download Defense Heroes APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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