Publisher PlayCreek LLC,
Category Arcade,
Latest Version 2.0.041
Size 34MB
MOD Features Unlimited everything
Requirements 4.4+
Updated On September 30, 2022
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Death Worm Introduction

Death Worm, you play as a monster shaped like a worm. Your journey to evolve into a giant monster is simply by wriggling deep underground and then gaining momentum to the surface, grabbing a human, or an animal, or knocking over an object. Killing, destroying, and eating are the meaning of this monster’s life so that one day it will become a “hurricane”, the most terrible monster of this world.

Death Worm MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Death Worm has brought me moments of true relaxation. Not bothered by complicated puzzles, nor lofty responsibilities, or complicated incarnations. Yeah, like a lazy person on weekend mornings, I’m just a lazy worm all day looking for food. But in the game, after many rounds of devouring a lot of food, I become a terrible animal, a deadly worm. The gameplay has nothing to say about. You only have to control back and forth with the emulator button on the left and then track your progress indicators on the right-hand buttons, that’s all.

The importance is ingenuity, agility, and sharp eyes. Put yourself in the position of a worm, if you want to grow up quickly, dominate this land and completely escape from the threat of humans, you must eat and destroy as much as possible. Food is abundant, people, animals on the ground, strange animals roaming right under the ground can also be delicious prey. Flexibly controlling the buttons, creating undulating curves on the ground, then flying up far away to the point of need to reach… all require ingenuity.

The game has a total of 45 levels with many different scenes. Each scene in Death Worm™ will be divided into several rounds, each with specific requirements appearing in the left corner of the screen. There will be short sentences like “Kill 10 more people to level up” or “kill 5 people in 30 seconds”… As you complete missions, you’ll slowly power up your monsters by collecting shards that drop when performing a combo kill.

Main Features

  • Bring destruction
  • Control a colossal worm
  • Easy controls : You can control it just like you would any other arcade game in this game.
  • FireBall: worm shoots a ball of fire below or above the ground, this is used to destroy aircraft and destroy multiple objects at once.

Death Worm Reviews

Metroplex Grimlock: This is fun and amazing game. Sure the ads get annoying, but we should be used to that, besides it’s pretty cheap to fix. The only problem I have is the Air Defense minigame was hard. I couldn’t get half the boxes to hit anything. I was thinking maybe a wider box you can easily hit.Other than that, nothing else needs fixing. It’s like the perfect online/offline game.

John Rollex: Extremely good game. Honestly very little to criticize. I do wish that you would add a feature that would allow you to control the worm by touching anywhere on the screen, rather than just a little joystick. It’s not a big deal, but it would make the game play more convenient. You can just make a little switch in the settings or something. And honestly that’s pretty much the only nitpick I have of it so far.

Seven Dust: Amazing game. I wish they had more and more worms. They add a few sometimes, but i have over 100mil gold, bought the 5 or $8 pack for unlimited energy, everything is maxed out, campaign is over 7☆, and complete the daily task every day. Requires very little signal to do whatever it does, but you can be offline for 99.9% of your time. Ive been off and on this game for a very long time too. Edited for a typo only.

Download Death Worm™ APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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