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Download Dead Trigger Mod Apk 2.0.0 (Unlimited Money, Bullets)

September 20, 2019

Introduction Game

Dead Trigger Mod Apk (Unlimited Money, Bullets). Produced by MADFINGER Games. Dead Trigger is an FPS game that combines role-playing elements that take players to life-and-death confrontations with bloodthirsty zombies.

Dead Trigger’s plot is set in the apocalypse, when a dangerous virus capable of “zombieizing” humans spread at a dizzying speed around the world. Our character is now one of the few survivors of the virus’s spread, players will control the character fighting against those infected with the virus, is also a bloodthirsty zombie with extremely large amount.

The gameplay of Dead Trigger is quite simple, the player’s only task is to run and shoot, but to safely survive each battle, the player needs to skillfully use the weapons held in his hand, hold and balancing the recoil of the gun to perform the “headshot” phase to defeat the majority of enemies.

The game offers quite a lot of game modes, in addition to the campaign mode, players can choose modes like “time challenge” or “kill all zombies on the map”.

The reward earned after completing each mission is combat gear or money used to upgrade existing weapons and buy new weapons. The difficulty of the game will increase gradually according to the task level, so people also need to upgrade and equip the characters with weapons with “quite” power if they want to pass the screen later.

The graphics of Dead Trigger must be excellent with dynamic lighting and advanced effects, smooth character movements, character models in the game are meticulously described and completely 3D rendered. Sound and background music are also very lively to match the happenings and rhythm in the game.

Dead Trigger Mod ApkDead Trigger Mod Apk – Gameplay Screenshot

Game Features

  • Get ready for Non-Stop Action in this Award Winning Shooter Game
  • Gear up for some extreme zombie slaying!
  • Wipe out the horde in a variety of imaginative ways
  • Load your gun and shoot ‘em up
  • New online service from MADFINGER Games

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Reviews Of Game

Lord Jogonnath: I am in love with this game, bruh. The best part is when the sector is clear. You are a corner with your gun and you hear the groans of zombies. Even if you are in the dark, you can know where the zombies are with the help of the map(of course). And the glowing green eyes of the zombies. Really good work, guys. I haven’t played Dead Trigger 2 yet, and this game tempts me to play it!!

Matthew Owens: Great game since I’ve had new phone. I’ve now reinstalled the game but it hasn’t got my log in details! Yes I forgotten my user name and password it’s been a long time sonive emailed the game owners provided information on purchase history thinking it might help them find my account details which is linked to the email. But have had no reply so currently really disappointed. Please help recover my account.

Marko Milivojovic: The game is good but falsely advertises itself as a “survival horor”. The only scary thing here is the fps drop on some maps. There is a small amount of maps and they are all recycled through different missions. The same thing is with the models of zombies. The game feels like it’s made for kids. BTW the cake is a lie (Only a true gamer will know this reference).