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Download Dead Spreading Mod Apk 0.42 (Unlimited Money)

Introduction Game

Dead Spreading Mod Apk (Unlimited Money). Dead Spreading for Android is a strategy game that combines some characteristics of Merging game, where you must arrange soldiers to destroy the undead, save survivors and upgrade your fighting force.

Combining tower defense like Tower Madness 2 and matching games like Merge Plane, Dead Spreading will give you more than 2 gameplay experiences in a single game. Here, you build elite fighting forces by combining soldiers of the same type to create new types of stronger soldiers and guarding the gates, to prevent and destroy the undead before they can step foot. on your base.

In Dead Spreading, players need to show their leadership skills to destroy the army of zombies rushing to attack the base, and must have resource management skills to build an effective fighting force. most, in response to the impending onslaught of the enemies.

You can recruit many different types of soldiers and merge soldiers of the same level to create new types of soldiers with unique skills and greater fighting power. You only have a certain number of positions to deploy your squad, but you can switch positions between characters to give the best defensive effect.

In Dead Spreading: Idle Game, when you kill zombies, you will collect some items such as cans, batteries, gems and purple remedies (Rage Serum). Each type is used for a different purpose. Cans are the main currency used to recruit soldiers. Gemstones are rare currencies used to unlock some special units that cannot be purchased with cans. The battery is used to upgrade bases and purple remedies to trigger a state of indignation, allowing soldiers to fight in the most bloody state in a short period of time.

Although idle style “idle” but you also have to think to strategize, arrange soldiers to reasonably defend and gather resources, fight, and produce at the same time to profit maximization.

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Game Features

  • Kill the dead to get Rage Serum and boost the ability of the soldiers!
  • Upgrade the building in your base, kill the dead more efficiently!
  • Recruit soldiers of different abilities and equipped with powerful weapons!
  • The dead wave is coming! Prepared for the ultimate battle!
  • Perfectly simulate the weather system, day and night alternate!Let you experience more real battles!

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Reviews Of Game

Jordon Heywood: Been playing a while. Only bug I’ve noticed now is that the level 35 soldier doesn’t have an attack. Well does but has no damage or even animation of bullets coming from the gun. Update: since the new update, game doesn’t load up. Crashes instantly

John Ward: Game Device Link? I have had to reinstall on another phone and there is no link to restore previous saved position. Devs, what about the players spending cash on this and we all eventually need another device. Are we to write off the cash and supposedly start again from beginning? This is the only game that can’t save progress. Unacceptable!

Jonathan O’Conner: The game is fun at the start but the ad server needs to be replace. You get a lot of opportunities to use ads for upgrades… Unfortunately the ad server fails most if the time, but you don’t figure that out before waiting 15 to 20 seconds to see if you’ll be able to connect to the ad server. It’s a fail most if the time. If it wasn’t for the ad server, I wouldn’t have uninstalled within the first 48 hours.