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Download Dawn of Zombies Mod Apk 2.58 (Unlocked, Free Craft, Buld)

Introduction Game

Dawn of Zombies Mod Apk (Unlocked, Free Craft, Unlimited Money) latest version free download for Android 1 click. This is a fascinating online apocalyptic-themed action game for mobile, Dawn of Zombies is a process of survival in the world of death, where the zombie epidemic is raging.

The topic of post-apocalyptic survival or zombie pandemic is no longer strange to the gaming community. In the context of the Dawn of Zombies Survival, after a nuclear disaster the survivors are suddenly mutated into walking corpses, strange phenomena appear everywhere that threaten the meager human group. rest.

To become a survivor in this dangerous world, you must venture into areas filled with radiation to search for supplies and weapons. Of course, not only are the zombies threatening, but you also have to interact with the survivors – the other players whether they are ready to ally or will wait to destroy you to steal things. It is these interactions that make the game interesting.

Besides, after having collected enough resources, it is now the stage of preparation, the game has a very diverse selection of houses, vehicles enough for you to be dead tired of collecting everything before you have it. to make them successful. From a tiny shelter, players can expand and build a safe camp of their own to welcome friends or other people to live together.

With all that shown, Dawn of Zombies Survival Mobile is truly a better option for gamers of the survival stream. Or simply, you are looking for a game to relax only.

Join Dawn of Zombies, you are one of the last survivors. Explore mysterious lands and areas that still exist mysteriously after the epidemic. Here, humans are more dangerous than monsters. You can lose your life because of a box of meat or shoes that have worn.

S70ZomL - Dawn of Zombies 2.58 (Unlocked, Free Craft)Dawn of Zombies Mod Apk – Gameplay Screenshot

Game Features

  • Build and craft on the ground and underground
  • Energy is restored for free by food and at the Shelter
  • Survive: sate your hunger and quench your thirst, recover from radiation and disease, protect from frost and heat
  • Follow the story: dozens of characters, hundreds of quests and notes
  • Choose any vehicle to get around — from bicycle to UAZ
  • Realistic graphics and lighting — day and night change, volumetric fog
  • Find mysterious artifacts born in aberration zones
  • Gloomy wastelands, dark forests, anomalous ruins full of zombies, bandits and wild animals
  • Elementally infused weapons to make your enemies burn and bleed
  • Trade and communicate with different factions — from scientists to military
  • Gain reputation with factions and characters to receive unique rewards
  • Advanced craft: 150+ blueprints for weapons, armor, vehicles
  • 60+ kinds of weapons: AK, M-16, Makarov pistol, and Mosin-Nagant
  • Stealth Mode: hide in the bushes, sneak up and kill without being noticed
  • Use a special workbench to repair weapons and armor
  • Complete events: protect allies from zombies or attack camps of fanatics
  • Locations are constantly changing: look for airdrops and hidden stashes, explore aberration zones;
  • Go to raids on bosses in radioactive dungeons

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Reviews Of Game

John Diaz: Best game on this type of genre hands down. If you are reading this and have some extra money, try to buy the limited time discounted IAP to support the devs, low price and the devs deserves the support. Of course there are still room for improvement, bug fixes and a lot of animation fixes as far as I’ve observed. Maybe more tutorial for new players. Ignore the rants of the other players saying the game is too difficult, they just suck at playing.

Emmet Buttowski: After few days I think I can share my experience, the game is worth a shot, graphics are amazing, you get a lot of free items and armor to keep going, but durability of armors or weapons still the big problem .. they need cash of course, but I really wonder if someone is paying this much of money just for some loot that will expire .. I really want to support the developers but the prices are insane I mean 20$ for a 3×3 room or a crate of rare armors and weapons, how much cost the whole game?!!

Danson Chiew: Fun and quite addictive. I really love the main story line apart from the side mission. only the weapons a quite difficult to find especially the fire arms. Maybe in future, we can have a sidekick to join us in every mission. That would be fun! Also, can u give more option when doing trading? Like various guy to choose when trading.