Dawn of Titans Mod Apk

Download Dawn of Titans Mod Apk 1.36.0 (Free Shopping)

Introduction Game

Dawn of Titans APK is a super-beautiful graphical real-time strategy RTS game where players will command an army and even giant Titans to defeat other players in the epic PvP battle.

For gamers who are passionate about RTS real-time online combat strategy, the ignorance of Dawn of Titans is a great pity. This game has quite different gameplay from the traditional building games.

3D graphics effects of this game are ranked in the top mobile, integrated vivid sound, monumental, bringing extreme experience for players.

In this playground, gamers take the role of commander of an available army and also the giant Titan characters with unparalleled power, ready to smash everything of enemies, even strong opponents. most. In addition, you can also lead troops to conquer new lands, occupy enemy territory and salvage the spoils that enemies leave.

Build your army growing and growing, wealthy and create a powerful empire of your own. In Dawn of Titans, you only have two options “one is to win, the other is to die”. Therefore, please use all abilities you have, research and choose a reasonable strategy, arrange the battle, control the map to destroy the enemy as effectively as possible.

Dawn of Titans has many attractive levels that allow players to try out, in addition to a system of extra tasks to help gamers earn more money and rewards. You will also be able to customize Titan to your liking, including name, outfit and weapon.

Xa860Uv - Dawn of Titans 1.36.0 (Free Shopping)Dawn of Titans APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Console-Quality Graphics: Build your kingdom and fight enemies in a stunning 3D fantasy world.
  • Dominate with Massive Titans: Equip colossal warriors with powerful gear and lead them into epic PvP battles.
  • Real-Time Battle Control: Go to war with thousands of troops, all under your direct control.
  • Nonstop Events & Campaigns: Remember to check back for daily quests, unique campaigns, and alliance events.
  • Forge an Unstoppable Alliance: Unite with friends to strategize in real-time MMO chat and dominate other kingdoms.
  • Build the Ultimate Kingdom: Clash against the masses, to capture land and rise up the world ranks.

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Reviews Of Game

Zephirus SO: Please, add an option to move the selected unit/units with double tap. When I want to attack a panther. For example, with a ranged unit that is in range. I often tap the ground instead the enemy unit and this change my unit position, which I don’t want. Also, please add an option to set stand ground to your units for good. That means they don’t start moving to the next enemy after they have just engaged a dead enemy unit. Otherwise, this game is great, maybe the best RTS for mobile so far.

Umer Rehman: I am not gonna lie its always a good experience playing dawn of titans. But i am not giving 5/5 rating. Because i have been facing alot of server conectivity issue since last update. Its good if you add some war machines like battering ram, catapul, ballista, terbuchet etc its gonna make it more awesome kind of thing.

Jones Sunderraj: Not much into mobile games but this is the best game for Android with almost PC standards, the only bad thing is the building time periods are extravagant , it even takes days to weeks as you level up… But the grind is decent.. The game needs to update features like Alliance really attack and assisting teammates with food and gold…