Publisher NetEase,
Category RPG, Survival,
Latest Version 1.0.22
Size 2GB
MOD Features No
Requirements Android 4.2+
Updated On December 1, 2021
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Dawn Of Isles Introduction

Dawn Of Isles APK: Are you interested in exploring and adventuring to new lands? Are you looking for an attractive mobile adventure RPG? Welcome to the world of endless adventures in Dawn Of Isles.



Dawn of Isles APK is a vast space in the Stone Age where everything is unspoiled, and all starts at zero. You have to create a new life for yourself on the island. You are astonished to find a beautiful island and a wild beauty when you first step on it. In such a beautiful place, it seems very exciting to start a new life. The beauty of nature is amazing and it offers many opportunities for living. It is your job to enjoy the beauty and hard work of this island.

There are dangers behind this beauty. Prehistoric monsters were aggressive and cruel. They can destroy your life and everything you create. Each of these monsters is a mystery about ancient cultures and secret sources of primitive power.

Create a new life

You can create your character before you start the game. There are four character classes available: Ranger, Dancer Fighter, Warmage, and Fighter. You can modify the appearance of your character, such as their eyes, lips, faces, and other details. Apart from having a great character, you also have everything. You make everything by yourself. Create items such as picks and shovels, axes, … makes exploitation easier.

You will need to do many things, from building a beautiful island to a peaceful place to live. Because it’s your life, be creative and build things you like. It’s a long and difficult journey but it is possible with the love of your life.


Many activities to enjoy

Dawn Of Isles’ main objective is to share the joy of discovery and experience. Let us build a rich, fulfilling life on this beautiful Island. Harvest and cultivate agricultural products. Then, send them to the processing plants to make quality products. Experience as a farmer is not only valuable, but you will also learn more. You could make a fishing rod that is specialized and then spend hours fishing. You can also be a chef and create eye-catching dishes that will make you swoon.

Pets will make your life more enjoyable. There are many exotic and bizarre pets that you can find in other countries and train them. It’s fun to dance, care, and nurture your pet in flower circles. In particular, unleashing the pet’s ability with Pet Skills gives them extraordinary power. They can also be used to fight enemies.

There are also many daily tasks that you need to complete. These tasks will help you to stay on track. You are not allowed to skip important side quests or storyline missions.

Fight against the enemy

Your life in Dawn Of Isles APK will be hampered by your brutal and sly enemies. They can be found in forests as mysterious monsters. Their power grows day by day. The more powerful they are, the less you will be able to control them. You must be more powerful in order to safeguard your life.

Dawn-Of-Isles-APK3Dawn of Isles APK – Gameplay Screenshot

There are many ways to boost your power in Dawn Of Isles. You can learn new skills and create weapons. Depending on the purpose of your choice, each class will have its own battle characteristics and attributes. But the key to unlocking your breakthrough power is the combination and effects of environment and elements, such as fire water earth wind. Each type of skill will be unique. Explore the incredible source of primitive power within Elemental Spirits. This will make you an invincible warrior.

A combination of multiple power sources can be used to defeat monsters or other players.

Dawn Of Isles 3D graphics

Dawn Of Isles APK has no prominent graphics and instead offers a lighter feel with vibrant animations. You will feel as if you are in a Japanese Ghibli animated movie when you enter the lively world of Dawn Of Isles. The game features a unique feature: anime-inspired characters with shaped faces.

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Main Features

  • Create an Uncharted Island
    – Get your pickaxe and axe to collect resources and build from the ground.
    – Establish workshops, pits and piers that can produce, process and sell products.
    – Plant and harvest crops or borrow some from your neighbours.
  • Create Amazing Items!
    – Use Elemental Spirits to infuse flasks to unleash the primal power nature.
    Make quality fishing rods to catch clever fish.
    Make delicious meals that will tantalize the taste buds.
  • You can have amazing pets!
    You can explore beautiful, diverse lands with exotic pets.
    Learn the Hunter’s Guild’s way and dance with your pet in the Flower Circle.
    Pet Skills enables you to care for your animals and unleash their potential.
  • Challenge Devious Foes!
    You can choose from a wide range of skills and weapons to suit a variety combat styles.
    Observe how the environment interacts and use this information to your advantage to win in battle.
    – Find the weakness in fierce monsters and deal a fatal blow to claim great rewards

Dawn Of Isles Reviews

Achintha Kurera: This is a great game for learning patience. It has a beautiful world with characters and a wonderful story. It would be nice if the genders for characters were more flexible. 🍎❤️😊

Sarel Francois: This is the best game I have ever played. I tried other games but DOI was my favorite. It has everything I need and all that I want in a game. I have one concern. It’s so slow to update new content.

Ishan Gibbon: Would you be able to all make a moba in this graphics style?

Taha Shivapour: It is such a fun game.

ZAC TDL: It’s great, but I wish I could customize the gaming interface.

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