Dash Quest Mod Apk

Download Dash Quest Mod Apk 2.9.19 (Unlimited Gold)

Introduction Game

Dash Quest APK for Android is a platform game with extremely interesting gameplay. It is a unique fighting style with a very rich equipment system.

Dash Quest for Android is the perfect blend of fantasy action and endless runner. Combine with a few interesting role-playing elements to create an extremely addictive gameplay.

You must defeat a bunch of dangerous enemies before reaching epic boss battle levels. Customize and upgrade your character with guns, spells, armor and even pets. Complete daily challenges if you want to get Legendary Gear and more prizes.

Dash Quest has a pretty chibi style character design. The equipment system must say is extremely rich, with all kinds corresponding to each individual force to help players quickly progress through each level.

Dash Quest for Android is a simple action game, quite easy to play but difficult to “clear”. Are you confident you can save the kingdom from the devil Lich and become a legendary hero. Download Dash Quest for Android for free, so don’t be afraid to install it on your device and find the answer yourself.

9RMSaAJ - Dash Quest 2.9.19 (Unlimited Gold)Dash Quest APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Addictive action RPG gameplay!
  • Daily dungeon, challenges and rewards!
  • Epic boss battles!
  • Incredibly customizable upgrade system!
  • Prestige system with unique perks and bonuses!
  • Adventure Mode featuring a complete World Map and hidden secrets!
  • Challenges and Mini-Games with dedicated leader boards!
  • Pets that you can accessorize!
  • Hero Mode with epic difficulty… and epic rewards!
  • Beautiful retro-inspired HD graphics!
  • Dozens of achievements!

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Reviews Of Game

Ditto Demo: A great game that has been playing for 4 years. However, there are some problems that need to be fixed. When you die or when you show up a story mode stage. The game does not load next screen, it just sits there. Pause can be helpful because you can only exit but you cannot always do so. Also, making daily dumgeon loot better. Since purple chests bring so much legend it’s not worth doing every day. I recommend adding pet balls and tickets as they are difficult to find. Great game! Thank you.

Jasper Gaddi: I love this game. The graphics, animations and variety of enemies are amazing. Also, I’ve never been forced to watch commercials and I don’t have to buy toys to play games. It’s a pretty tough game at some point, but it is definitely possible. There are also very few bugs. I posted anything I found on the subreddit. Thank you!

Marko Minic: Was and still is one of my favorite mobile games. Balancing lots of combinations and endless fun. For me it’s still a lot better. Dash Quest 2 seems to be joining the latest Ad trend. Transactions purchased via IA are overvalued. And limit through Energy / Endurance. A bit sad otherwise cool content for 2 so far.

Beanos Gang: I love your games. But it won’t let me switch to story mode and have tried it many times. And I don’t want to start over with my game! I hope you see this post. Tried I’ll be playing since about a year now. And whenever I get on the bus or at home I play on the plz just help me!

HyperAaron: Great overall, the controls are easy to understand. And grasping the mechanism is great. Reminds me of an arcade game. And that is what they aim to achieve it perfectly.