Darkness Rises Mod Apk

Download Darkness Rises Mod Apk 1.38.1 (God Mode)

Introduction Game

Darkness Rises Mod Apk (God Mode). It is known that Darkness Rises is the new name of the Korean action game slash Dark Avenger 3, which Nexon is planning to release globally.

Dark Avenger 3, Nexon’s hands-on ARPG style game was first revealed in November 2016. The game was released in July last year in South Korea. But with plans to debut globally around early 2018, Nexon decided to put on Dark Avenger 3 with a new name that seems “feng shui” rather than Darkness Rises.

Not only because of feng shui but with this name change, Nexon wants players around the world to not be confused with the previous game released by Gamevil. And compared to previous versions, this Darkness Rises possesses extremely terrible graphics on mobile, comes with a crazy “hack-and-slash” game play style and lets you experience combat style in an extremely attractive story line. .

The Darkness Rises character system consists of three main classes including Kenneth (Warrior), Bella (Wizard) and Hector (Berserker). Each character class possesses a unique set of skills and plays different roles in each match. In addition to the basic elements of role-playing games such as boss hunting, PvP arena, manufacturing and equipment upgrades, Darkness Rises also has a very unique Guild system where veteran gamers can help. new member.

mBsRbmf - Darkness Rises 1.38.1 (God Mode)Darkness Rises Mod Apk – Gameplay Screenshot

Game Features

  • Boss Fights. Engage in challenging boss battles that will put your skills to the test as you venture deeper into the abyss
  • Awe-inspiring Graphics. Experience stunning visuals that will truly immerse you into the world of Darkness Rises
  • Groundbreaking Gameplay. Use the Soul Link ability to seize control of monsters and turn your enemies against themselves
  • Epic Dungeon Raids. Gather your allies and guildmates to explore menacing dungeons and discover rare loot

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Reviews Of Game

MrPlumkitten: I enjoyed the graphics and animations but its super p2w. You can buy literally every best-in-slot gear and apparently new gears will launch at regular intervals. Endgame, you will run out of all the free gems the game gives you through achievements and story quests. Thats when you’ll realise you stand no chance against whales unless you are willing to pay for the gear, costume and accessory chests. Funny how even costumes give huge bonuses.

Knuckledust: More of the same generic hot garbage you’ve seen a thousand times, with pretty graphics slapped on top. Full shitpack included: game plays itself, has stamina, a hundred “top up” promotions and impossibility to compete if you don’t pay. 

Qwikening: Wow, so many complaints about the game’s pay features! Here’s a novel idea, go design your own totally free game, allow players to get everything in the game without pitching in any cash at all. How many hours a week are you willing to work just to give everything away for free? I bet you complainers never do it!