Dance On Mobile Mod Apk

Download Dance On Mobile Mod Apk 1.28 (Auto Dance, Always Perfect)

Introduction Game

Dance On Mobile APK for Android, where you unleash your personality and make friends in all four directions! With unique dance modes, new forms of competition, you will surely have fun relaxing moments with your friends!

Whether you are a dance master or just an art enthusiast, you will create amazing dance moves for your dancers.

Casual game for dance lovers. By installing this game on their device users will be able to dance anytime and anywhere.

Dance On Mobile for Android, you have more characters, costumes, songs and more fun. And he will do so not alone, but with friends, because with them you can create a clan.

Here you need to take part in one-on-one or team matches. In addition, the player will have a store where you can buy clothes for your character, as well as a variety of encounters, exchanges and adventures.

Dance On Mobile for Android is an open world that allows you to live fully virtual with dance and music. Add to that the stunning graphics and the playlist is constantly updating.

yFCM48I - Dance On Mobile 1.28 (Auto Dance, Always Perfect)Dance On Mobile APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Couple & Married
    Dance On mobile has several social features including married features and Couple features. Player won’t feel playing alone because they can meet each other and interact with each other.
  • Battle Dance
    Battle Dance is divided into 2 options : Single Battle or Team Battle. Player need to win the battle to get point and become the best Dancer in Battle Ranking.
  • Garden
    Garden will help player to gain more resource including rare item and ingame coin. Player need to take care of their garden by planting and watering it everyday.
  • Story Quest
    Completing Story Quest will rewarded by valuable item. Beside story quest, player can also do the Side Quest or Couple Quest.
  • Crafting, a lot of Fashion, a lot of New Songs and also the awesome performance of Graphic and Dancing Moves!

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