Publisher NetEase Games,
Category 3D Game, Online, Shooting,
Latest Version 0.100.433
Size 90MB
MOD Features Unlocked
Requirements Android 4.1+
Updated On November 17, 2021
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Cyber Hunter Introduction

PUBG-style survival gaming is a big hit across all platforms. Even though they’re only available for a brief time, Rules of Survival and Fortnite Mobile are very popular names. Netease – RoS and Fortcraft’s publishers have had too much experience in this segment of the game, which is why they are actively exploiting the market share of multi-player survival games. Cyber Hunter MOD APK (Unlocked), even though they have many products, will still be published on iOS and Android with the belief that it will create something new.

Cyber Hunter Mod Apk - Gameplay ScreenshotCyber Hunter APK – Gameplay Screenshot

New storyline

Cyber Hunter is a story about the human world in the future as quantum cells and AI technology mature. These technologies have created a quantum world and many events have occurred there. You can also become the Celestial Wanderers. They are a symbol of Justice and Zero and are a hunter in tech world. Each character in the world of the game has a superpower of their own, they have the ability to control Quantum Cube energy to serve their purposes…

You can learn the gameplay from other games

Cyber Hunter is an amalgamation of survival, shooting, construction, and tactics. It’s based on last man standing gameplay. It is expected that this will create a new gaming experience, as there are too many games like PUBG and they succeed.

Your fight will begin with 99 other players being dropped from the plane to an island deserted by the quantum world. You will need to gather weapons, equipment, and emergency items from random buildings located on the island. This collection will allow you to build enough power against all other players in order to become the last survivor.

During the migration, do not forget to gather Quantum Cubes. They can be used to help you build your own defense, set traps and radar forges, as well as many other things. Quantum Cubes can easily be collected by destroying the objects on the island. This feature is similar to what Cyber Hunter learned from Fortnite Mobile.

Weapons and vehicles

Jogging, or by using random moving vehicles, you can move. They can help you run faster and move better through buildings. Be objective, these sounds can be a magnet for your enemies.

This game’s weapons system is very new and sophisticated. The weapons system in this game must be creative because it is based on a story that’s creative. This is a new generation weapon based on quantum energy. It has incredible power. You can choose from a variety of weapons on the island.

Fortnite-style Design

Cyber Hunter’s design style isn’t nearly as old. It is possible that Netease used the Fortcraft engine in order to create this game. Netease has created an entirely new game that I find surprising that Fortcraft is not yet officially launched.

The style is still Fortnite inspired, but brighter and less gloomy than RoS. This game is still in beta, so details may not be perfect. For more graphics, contact the support team.

Main Features

  • Vivid characters with remarkably similar faces. Vivid and distinctive heroes can be created using next-generation face shaping technology and more than 100 cosmetic designs
  • Special skills and tactics. Many tactical skills are available to you, including invisible force field, invisible barrier, and optical camouflage. You can design your own tactical system
  • Explore the sky to find what you need. Parkour is a great way to impress your friends and get them out of their way. Parkour moves can be used in fast-paced combat.
  • You can explore and play in a sandbox environment. There are many terrain options to explore, including high-water falls 100 meters high, desert temples, swampy relics, and high-water waterfalls 100 meters high. You’ll find lots of weapons in this world.

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MOD APK versions of Cyber Hunter

  • Unlocked  (version 0.100.48)
  • Unlimited Everything (updating)
  • Unlimited Money (updating)
  • Aimbot, Unlimited Credits (updating)

Cyber Hunter Reviews

Kevon Hamid: This game is my favorite. I’m a pro at it. The first time I played it, I scored 19 kills or more.

Kaguya Sama: Cyber Hunter MOD APK is my favorite. However, I have a few issues with the game. The first is that it is difficult to get a range of clothes for Zero. Female characters should be able to get more outfits from the quest prize. You should increase your chances of winning outfits in the lucky draw. You can add new maps and weapons. And you can also add ROS, PUBG or other features.

Cyber Shadow: Hi guys! This game is great. But, on my nokia5, when I changed the graphic, I got a terrible bug. I can’t get weapons to collect. But, game is flawless. Also, there is lag.

Question Life Meh: Another Fortnite clone. Good graphics. It’s easy to get your first wins with bots. There are no special game modes. You can play solo or with your squad (duo is not yet supported). Find out more

Savage The Unicorn: Either everyone is trash, or I’m god. I won my first two matches without any problems. This game is amazing. The Droid mechanic, which allows us to build walls and other things, is my favorite feature of this game.

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