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Download CSR Classics Mod Apk 3.0.3 (Unlimited Money)

Introduction Game

CSR Classics Mod Apk (Unlimited Money). If you are a lucky person who had the chance to participate in WWDC last year, you will be impressed by a racing game called CSR Classics that appeared on the stage of Apple’s iOS6 introduction and today. Now this game had a light “launch” on the App Store New Zealand and Emirati before its launch worldwide.

Not only in terms of graphics, CSR Classics also brings a lot of branded cars from famous manufacturers in the world such as Audi, BMW, Shelby, Mercedes,… Besides the game The game also allows you to freely customize and upgrade specifications such as engine, tire, rim, gearbox, exhaust pipe, … to your liking. In addition, players can also “restore” the car to its original state, maximize the properties of the vehicle or reduce its weight.

During the game, if you make a mistake in a few steps that lead to failure or misunderstand the rules of the game. Do not worry you will still get reminders after each glitch to make things easy. easier. CSR Classics is a game that shows exactly what CSR Racing has done, however, drastic changes in visual, sound and gameplay will definitely give players a complete experience. completely new.

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Game Features

There is a new upgrade option, Restore. Restore helps your car look good, and also shaves off extra weight. Combining this with the Tires and Rims upgrades, your car will be restored to it’s former glory. Half-Mile races do not appear in this game, unlike CSR Racing. The Turbo and Body options have been removed, seemingly replaced by the Carburetor and Restore options, respectively.

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Reviews Of Game

Simone Starks: The best classic cars game ever! You start your car as a rust bucket and improve it into a fancy hotrod! Real upgrades, cars, speeds and more! My recommendation for tier1 is the Chevy inpala. My only thing I would update is to get rid of the gas or wait 10 minutes to get a full tank. Besides that it would best game with that update. Great graphics too.

Joshua Garrett: I have had this game on several different phones. I got a notification awhile ago about CSR not providing support for this game anymore because they essentially combined it with CSR2. If you want this game still, go ahead and download, but be aware, if you delete it or lose your phone, you will lose all progress and no way to recover it. So since there is no support or online play, I had friends get into the coding. Now I have unlimited gold and cash. Almost at 100% completion.

Tristan Shiflett: It is a great game! I love the cars that you get and hot rods and how you can restore your car, upgrade the tires and rims, upgrade nitro AND…. beat people in races. Which is how you can upgrade from tier one to tier two to three to four to five! That’s how you get more cars and more tiers. And it has great graphics.