Crusaders Quest Mod Apk

Download Crusaders Quest Mod Apk 4.6.0KG (God Mode)

Introduction Game

Crusaders Quest APK is a very attractive puzzle role-playing game, released by NHN Entertainment, strongly compatible with Android devices and free to experience.

Crusaders Quest brings players into extremely fascinating adventures. No one else, you must take the mission to rescue the goddesses from the hands of the devil by recruiting, training and leading your match to enter a dangerous world against evil.

Players will experience in many different contexts, from deep forests, deserts to fiery seas. Join the donation, set up your own army of heroes from a collection of more than 200 mighty warriors with different powers.

Demonstrate the bravery of a veteran gamer, ready to engage in every fight and defeat every attack of the enemy in challenging campaigns. Your goddesses are on the verge of death and if you slow down, they will be cut down by the power of Apostles. Are you brave enough to see those beautiful gods defeated?

wJCjVTg - Crusaders Quest 4.6.0KG (God Mode)Crusaders Quest APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Upgrade heroes with impossible missions
  • Fighting action game that combines puzzle with fast speed
  • Show individuality in competitions
  • Rescue the goddess
  • Recruit outstanding heroes

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Reviews Of Game

Revival: Grindy, but not impossible. You can get all the top characters that 1% of the highest in PVP. Use just by collecting about 50 ~ gems and get lucky with your drag. As the game grows, it gives you fewer characters and is harder to earn. But then push on your side to improve your gameplay and upgrade your character to the next level. It also helps it to have some cute anime girls heheh.

Clerence Kong: Give it some time and you will learn to love it. This is an f2p game focused on cultivating and building your character. There are many characters with different skills and functions. Some characters may be OPs but eventually you can get those heroes. Lots of events and rewards as well. You should really try it!

Devil’s Burger: The game has a good overall. But there was a problem in the game that made it impossible for me to upgrade the skills of the gunner class. Every time I try it just enlarges the skill and anyway I don’t get out of the screen so I have to get out of the game completely.

Kyle Geoffrey: I like it, don’t pay too much money to win. You can still progress through the game easily and quickly without paying anything. So it deserves my 5 stars.

Enrico: Really like the game. Been playing it for years now and still coming back to it. A lot of adventure, fishing, training, sometimes events and stuff. Yay!