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Latest Version 1.8.5
Size 336MB
MOD Features No
Requirements 6.0+
Updated On August 5, 2022
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CrisisX  Introduction

In a seaside town, life is destroyed. Entire inhabitants have turned into zombies after the spread of a terrible disease. Everything has completely collapsed: the scenery is ruined, the houses are abandoned, people have turned into half-human and half-monster things that are eager to kill the survivors. You can choose to play as a male or female warrior, but you are the lone warrior here. You will have to deal with the harsh living conditions of the town, and you must try to survive waves of zombie attacks and a variety of other dangerous situations.

CrisisX APK – Gameplay Screenshot


Like many other survival games, after customizing, choosing gender, facial features, hair, costumes for your character…, you will be immediately thrown into this deadly town. You have to use all your skills to survive, fight zombies and complete a lot of missions in the game. Try to live as long as possible!

CrisisX doesn’t let you “swim alone”. It always offers some specific instructions with clear mission goals. Even newbies can get up to speed quickly. Gradually follow and perform this series of missions, your survival skills will become more and more advanced, and you will have more support tools. You need to search for food, water, craft tools, and self-defense weapons, hunt, fish, build a shelter (which will later turn into a fortress).

Graphics and sound

Not exactly excellent, but at least the 3D graphics in CrisisX are at a decent level. Every detail, item, movement is properly invested. The flexible character creation is quite lively, the surrounding background is clear but always covered with a dark color that suits the character’s desperate situation. The zombies look quite disgusting, especially the special ones, you can see their horror when they rush to attack you.

The fight scenes with zombies are also quite tense. This view brings a lot of excitement when you can observe the entire progress of the battle as well as the expressions and actions of your character.

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Main Features

  • Crisisx – the world is yours to discover: Start your unknown adventure with creating yourself a realistic self-avatar, and explore every inch of an unique wide open world with one of the largest open map ever developed
  • New order & rules have to be created: Survival of the fittest! Test your survival skills, find food and water and collect essential but rare materials left from the civilized world
  • Knives out, fight or fight: Exterminate crowds of mutated zombies and shoot down threatening monsters of all kinds. Each infected has different appearance and attacking pattern depending on its mutation routes
  • Uncover the mystery of the end of the world: On this action packed journey of survival, you’ll be facing different tasks, puzzles and riddles. Solve them to expose the truth of the shattered world and save the dying light of the civilization

CrisisX Reviews

MR. FREQUENZY: This game is really wonderful . The graphics , features and other aspects as well . Only problem is the transportation system . U have to travel long distances on foot , it is gud in a way yo gather more resources but it consumes alot of time. Other than that it is such a wonderful game with great concept . I would like to conclude that plz if there is a chance to have some pvp action among other players as well . Thank you for this wonderful game .

Muhammad Syauqi Rosli: This game is amazing. I have been playing since the first beta test (Malaysia & Philippines). But a few suggestions from me. Add FPS limiter, also an option to customize buttons in game settings and add a male character. Next, bug reports: First, the server is still quite laggy, maybe add an option to remove grass to reduce the lag. Thank you & great work. 👍

charlles plamio: I love the game been 92 days surviving. The couple things I recommend is, when youre crouching add more stealthy vibe and visibility range, because zombies still can detect you crouching even they are on their back. Also zombies can bite you even you hit your last swing on them, like a bite revenge for killing them and its so frustrating. Add more different zombies and and a boss to raid especially team raiding. I would love to see more of this game and how it will be when its done. Thanks

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