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Download Crisis Action Mod Apk 4.0.3 (Unlimited Diamonds)

December 18, 2019

Introduction Game

Crisis Action Mod Apk (Unlimited Diamonds). Crisis Action 4th anniversary come, several events with great rewards for both veterans and rookies are prepared. Brand new mode Death Arena open, come to defeat the strong boss to win knight weapon. The series 4th anniversary weapon come online too, don’t miss it!

Crisis Action Mod ApkCrisis Action Mod Apk – Gameplay Screenshot

Game Features

  • 4th Anniversary Weapons Online. 4th Anniversary series weapons come with cool shape and strong firepower. No matter use it in fight or collect as souvenir, login to get one now!
  • New Mode – Death Arena. Two levels for Death Arena, which is guarded by two bosses respectively. Beat them to win the special arena rewards, which contain knight weapon fragment and other rare weapons.
  • S2 of the Rank Starts. The rewards of S1 can be obtained now, login in to get them and keep fighting in S2. New rules of rank mode are implemented, players can level up faster if get the winning streak.
  • 4th Anniversary Events Published. Series events have been published both in the game and the special event page. Join in can get permanent dragon and knight weapon freely.

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Reviews Of Game

UnderPlayer787: This Game Is Good But The Hack System Is Annoying I Didn’t Even Hack Edit:I Just Download This Game Again Can You Please Let Lower Level Play Creation Mode?? Kinda Annoying

Achik .Gallery: Best Game! But some player still can use cheat or hack..please improve server to statisfied your player…i can give 4 star ..after this bug solved i can rate 5 star..thanks for this game…

Valentino Alexander: This game is good and have a good event but can you give me an enemy who same the level like me ,dont give me enemy higher level than me,this is not fair you know, and especially give me enemy who has the same skill like me too 🙁

Xenion SR0822: What the with bug. since join in battle it was delay lagging like low connection. but my connection still good. it need take a while time for i can play normally. please fix some the bug while in battle

Lukee Japson: I love it this game is so beautiful but Crisis action can you pls give us a free permanent brutal dragon because I love brutal dragon pls give us a brutal dragon next season or next anniversary