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Creative Destruction Mod Apk 2.0.2321 (Mega Mod)

Introduction Game

Creative Destruction Mod Apk (Mega Mod). Creative Destruction – Survival shooter built in 3D animated style. This is a survival mobile game with sandbox element developed by ZuoMasterDeveloper for Android operating system.

Participate in Creative Destruction, players will parachute down a 4 × 4 wide map with 13 different locations along with 99 other players. As a survival shooting mobile game like all other games, players begin their journey to become the last survivor by searching for equipment, fighting, destroying other players and running bo ( snow storm).

In the game Creative Destruction, players can also collect materials and build works to protect themselves, create paths to high positions … Of course you can also destroy the existing buildings of the game or of the enemy created. Collect materials by destroying existing buildings in the game. This will definitely make you link to Fortnite immediately. Yes, this game is quite similar to Epic Game’s masterpiece, although it is not as diverse as the construction works.

The graphics of Creative Destruction Mobile are built in the style of 3D animation quite cute and beautiful. The sound of the game is also very good for players. In particular, the scene of you being destroyed is also quite impressive when describing the soul of the player tied to 2 balls, before flying to the sky you will wave to everyone.

Overall Creative Destruction is a game built in the style of Fortnite but it is hard to compare with the epic of Epic Games. But Fortnite is not currently available on Android, so Creative Destruction will be a reasonable choice if you are looking for a unique mobile Battle Royale game of this type.

Creative Destruction Mod ApkCreative Destruction Mod Apk – Gameplay Screenshot

Game Features

  • Various Resorts: In this large-scale battlefield of 16,000,000 square meters, there are 13 interesting enchanted spots. In this wonderland, you can experience varied weather and time systems. There are always surprises waiting to be explored!
  • Free dismantling & Interesting building: Beware, all elements in sight can be built or dismantled. You are born to be armed with an secret weapon named Destructor, whereby anything can be harvested and transformed into building materials. You can build bastions at your fingertips via an innovative workshop system.
  • Unique Weaponry: Pick creative weapons, race against snowstorms, and dive into the do-or-die battle! There are 14 basic weapons including pistols, shotguns, submachine guns, rifles and sniper rifles, and also special weapons like Flame Thrower and Bowling Bomb.
  • Diverse gameplay: Other than the classic battle royale mode, explorers can participate in various battle modes during specific time. We have developed an all-round system that integrates functions like Season, Friend, Look, Supply, Gallery, Chat and so on. Explorers will have everything they need in game. Besides, we also prepared some fun stuff hidden somewhere in the game. Hope you can find it!

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Reviews Of Game

Jax: This game is very addictive and is a lot of fun to play. Although the ratio that you get something really cool from a pack is slim. You do need a good amount of free ram to play at a comfortable level and a steady connection. 2gb is a great amount of unused ram. You can play with all your friends in a action packed firefight 5 person team battle. Or play with up to a 100 people on the brand new creative island.

Marcos Rodriguez: This Game is really great, I’ve been playing this game since Season 2 but recently the Audio keeps cutting out like the SFX and Music, I really love this game but I have no clue how to fix this Situation

D’Marea Rabb: Like the game but fix this bug, when i try to move when i stop it wouldn’t let me move. So please fix this bug. Thank You!