Colour Adventure Draw and Go Mod Apk

Download Colour Adventure: Draw and Go Apk 1.5.1

Introduction Game

Are you looking for diverse brain and color training applications? Color Adventure Draw and Go APK – Take your color blocks on an adventure and improve your concentration on the road.

Color Adventure Draw and Go has an age limit, the recommended age for using Everyone. The latest official version has been installed on 5000000 devices.

Color Adventure is an exciting brain training and coloring game in one package!

Touch and hold the cube to color the path to the new place and country.

Be warned! It is not as simple as it looks or sounds!

z7WZ6GB - Colour Adventure 1.5.1Colour Adventure Draw and Go APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Intuitive controls
  • Simple gameplay
  • Vibrant graphics
  • Lots of maps to explore
  • Minimalist design

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Reviews Of Game

Melanie LaClaire: First and foremost, they DO NOT BECOME friends with tons of ads !!! You can choose if you want to see ads to get more money or get one of those lovely racing pieces. The second time I only played for a day or so and I was LOOKING !!! This 3rd game is very ADVERTISING and MORE !!! 4th I LOVE that you can change and choose racing pieces from lots of lovely pieces. Love your app keep the job up.

Arainna Frost: Really very funny and love this game very interesting. I think you guys should play it download it really good game My phone and still play. Which gives this game a five star download if you can please it’s a really good game. You have to worry about me loving it, I’ve been playing all day even though the levels you can’t get over. I can still overcome it even though it’s an interesting game I think you sh.

Anora Olivia: This game is very good and very like. I was really happy when I downloaded this game. Can not describe how I love this game. It’s good to want to go or stop. This is a great game for your fingers to replenish and brain. So I’m a less talkative person because I downloaded this game, so please download this game if you want. I will go and play now.

Fatin_bunbun’s: Super liked and really happy because it’s not bothered by too many supplements. And this is a unique game without adding that I have played. If you get caught in the middle of the game, you will get a second chance by watching more. That is all. And no more after that. Thanks for making it and I really like it.

Gergishu Ukubay: I love this game very much because it is fun and makes me very happy. I love it very well and I really like it and it is wonderful. When I have it every day on a very good day and make my day very well yeah.