Color Switch Mod Apk

Color Switch Mod Apk 1.93 (Unlocked)

  • Name
    Color Switch
  • Publisher
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  • MOD Features
    Unlocked, Unlimited Stars,
  • Platforms
    Android 4.4+

Introduction Game

Color Switch APK is a game of Ketchapp that is currently considered as a “big” in the mobile intelligence game when the company constantly releases many extremely brain-damaging games to test the bravery of gamers.

It is not difficult to list some games such as Twist, The Line Zen, Swing or most recently Splash. However, the game called Color Switch that we will introduce shortly is not. A product of this manufacturer, but the difficulty as well as its gameplay is not inferior to the “predecessors” mentioned above.

Even some gaming review websites like Gamezebo boldly assert that the gameplay of Color Switch “hegemony” is nothing less than the legendary Flappy Bird game.

Color Switch has very simple gameplay. Interface screen will include a small ball and your task is to touch the screen repeatedly to bounce the ball.

Once the ball has traveled a long way, the obstacles are those circles that become very complex, both in speed, shape and color. This is really a very challenging game, ideal for gamers who like to conquer and love minimalism.

e73ajaO - Color Switch 1.93 (Unlocked)Color Switch APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Addictive pushing ball game.
  • The difficulty is very high, suitable for entertainment and brain training.
  • Collect stars on the way to change color for the ball.
  • Diverse game modes, including Challenges, Reverse, Races, Cave, Color Swap, Color Fly, Gravity and Split.
  • More than 500 levels of brain damage.
  • Integrated game instructions.
  • Play does not require Internet connection.
  • Overcoming many levels to unlock challenges and balls with new colors.

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Reviews Of Game

Maddie Arlene: This is a great game, lots of different game modes and endless modes for each of them. I want to complain about ads but they are actually quite reasonable for this free app. Like, 30 game modes, 2000 levels. There is a lot going on and it’s really interesting. An ad that can be skipped every 3 tries is not bad. Like some games do ads after every try even if there are only 10 seconds to beat. These can get challenging and take some time. This is a top game.

Easy Side Of Life: I have never been rated five stars before, but I really like this game! It has so many different levels, some really nice. But you don’t need to be stuck because there are many different game modes. Has any barley added, I’ve seen 2 in the previous half hour is great! Although I will not delete the game, because the newer version, it has become slower. But I can keep up because this game is everything a good game has.

Katy Marinova: Color Switch is the BEST game to play when you’re bored and has nothing else to do. However, there was a glitch at level 26 of BEE – literally impossible to complete. There is a closed circle through which the ball cannot pass … Anyway, apart from this hiccup, I’m sure you will escape, the game is GREAT!

Ayla Cem: I love this game and recommend it to everyone, and will download 10/10 on all my devices. But a note for developers: a feature where players can put all four colors would be great. Because I’m partially color blind and it makes it a bit difficult. Thank you for your hard work!

Silvia Flores: This game is a masterpiece with ads but you have the option of ignoring them immediately unless it exists for 30 seconds. But I’m not afraid that other games have too many ads for this game. Better than the other games I’ve played thanks to creating it.