Publisher Moon Active,
Category Casual, Online,
Latest Version 3.5.520
Size 60MB
MOD Features Unlimited Coins, Spins
Requirements Android 4.0+
Updated On November 26, 2021
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Coin Master Introduction

Coin Master Mod Apk (Unlimited Spins, Money, Cs) is an action game combined with extremely interesting construction style, let’s attack, dial and plunder to build your pirate village to become the most powerful.

Players around the globe love simple, new-to-play and community-based games. Coin Master is a good example. If you expect a simple pirate style game that allows you to “steal” the resources of your friends to build your own village, then Coin Master is the game for you. You can transform into a pirate and make money by spinning luck or looting the village of your friends. You will feel excitement and excitement when you play Coin Master.

Moon Active has released Coin Master, a pirate-themed game on iOS and Android. It was designed to recreate all the problems the Pirate Kings faced and make it die. Your job is to build your village. To build your village, you will need to command a pirate army that can take over, destroy or rob other villages.

Coin Master APK - Gameplay ScreenshotCoin Master APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Build your village

Start the game by setting up your first village on a deserted Island. You can build houses and statues, create animal shelters, and build a small garden.

You’ll need to have a lot money in order to make your village beautiful and earn lots of stars. Stars are not gold but the unit that allows you to compare the wealth and fortune of other players.

Upgrade all buildings on the island up to a certain level to unlock more islands.

Lucky wheel – Soul of the game

Coin Master’s most valuable feature is the Lucky Wheel, where you can test your luck. Each time you shoot, you will have the opportunity to receive gold coins, shields, opportunities to attack other villages or loot a friend’s money. Three coins or three gold coin icons will earn you a lot of cash or three hammers that you can use to attack villages. Three consecutive shields are required to receive a shield that protects your village against attacks from other players. You have the chance to steal the money of other players by getting the symbol with 3 pink pigs.

Pirates like a true pirate

Lucky wheel isn’t the only way you can make money. Other players can also be looted. You can make a lot of money by destroying buildings or robbing cash. Attack the village and take down all its enemies.

The thunder hammer will allow you to demolish a structure in the enemy’s village and earn you a matching amount.

You will get three times as many gold coins if you get the pink Pig. This will allow you to make huge sums of money. It is difficult to get three pink-colored pigs.

Champion rankings

Coin Master is an online video game in which you have to take down and loot other players’ villages. There is a ranking of Coin Master’s strongest players; you can add your name here.

Main Features

  • Spin to get your loot. To see what your fortune is, spin the wheel. To earn your loot, land on coins and gold sacks to build strong villages. You can also move up in the levels, win shields to defend your village against other vikings. Become the Coin Master who has the strongest village and most loot.
  • Raid and Attack other Vikings You don’t have to earn coins from the slot machine. You can also steal loot! Raid or attack your friends to get enough loot to build your own village. And you don’t have to raid your enemies or break their piggy banks! You can fight back against your enemies and win. Boom! Boom! Take your Coin Dozer with you and become rich again! You’ll never know what treasures might be found in another village!
  • All the cards are yours!It’s not all about the loot; it’s also about the treasure! To complete sets, collect cards and move on to next village. Every village you conquer will bring you more wins
  • Play with your friends! You can trade all your cards to our online community and collect all the rewards! Join our growing Facebook community to make new friends and earn great rewards.

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MOD APK versions of Coin Master

  • Unlimited Spins (version 3.5.62)
  • Unlimited Money (version 3.5.62)
  • Update Error (updating)

Coin Master Reviews

Gabriel Ortiz: This made the game more difficult for us. They now offer VIP members free spins during Vikings quest or set blast. This is just plain stupid. I have spent money on this game, and many others have. Treat us all the same, or you’ll lose many of our players.

Bobbir Harlan: Fun game so far. Coin Master APK is a great game. I’ve been playing it for quite some time now. It is addictive. I see one downside to this game: you can’t get coins or spins all the time. Another problem is the difficulty in finding gold cards. You can still play. Too much fun to stop playing!

Dwayne Lee: Although I don’t really like games, I found this it just a little bit of everything TOO. Knowing that you can. You have probably lost a true boss. This is the reason I’ve always been my own boss. You can now write whatever you like. Goodbye guys, and live a happy lifestyle.

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