Publisher SayGames,
Category 2D Game, Offline, Simulation,
Latest Version 1.6.14
Size 40MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money/Coins
Requirements Android 4.1+
Updated On September 14, 2021
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Introduction Game

Clean Road Mod Apk (Unlimited Money, Coins). Clean Road is a driving game that clears snow or obstructions on the road, cleaning the road so that other cars can flow more easily, your task is extremely important to the people, because when the snow is big Falling will cover the roads that make it impossible for vehicles to move, so players please control the road clearing cars sweep all obstacles to return an open road for vehicles to go.

When winter comes, the snow starts to fall, the roads will be flooded in the snow, making it impossible for vehicles to walk, including cars, so it is necessary to have the vehicles clear the snow. returning a clean path to traffic, which is a meaningful job, the publisher has created the game Clean Road with the purpose to help players experience the feeling of becoming a road clearing driver, download game to be alive in the snow air.

Clean Road will help the roads become cleaner and more beautiful, with the snow cleaning vehicle, players will push the thick snow to return the roads to the people, especially to avoid damaging the cars parked. The roadside of people, so need your skillful driving skills.

Cleaning the road is sometimes a problem such as removing leaves, or dirt on the road, making it impossible for the vehicle to walk, or the thick snowy roads you can upgrade your vehicle to protect. In addition to the powerful snowstorms, players can refer to the game Snow Drift to test their snow driving skills, in Snow Drift you will control many vehicles provided to sweep everything.

Clean Road Mod ApkClean Road Mod Apk – Gameplay Screenshot

Game Features

  • Collect The Stars By The Side Of The Road

    Clean Road is a mobile game that does not feature complex storylines or demanding missions. On the contrary, this little simulation is as straightforward as it gets. In a way, your only job when playing Clean Road is to get from point A to point B without causing a crash, i.e. a car accident. Of course, this is easier said than done.

  • Always Keep Moving

    Driving a snow plow is no easy task, even in perfect road conditions. When a blizzard hits the streets, this task becomes even more challenging. That is why players who try out the Clean Road could be having some difficulties in the early stages of the game. But, as soon as they grasp the basics of controlling the steering wheel – the snow plow will steamroll through many barriers on the road.

  • Bulldoze Your Way Through The Small Obstacles

    As we said earlier, not all impediments on the streets in this game will be the same. Either way, your job is to get the vehicles to the end of the road in a safe manner. They must get there without any inconvenience, i.e. without bumping into your snow plow.

  • Observe The Surroundings At All Times

    When driving through the freezing cold streets in Clean Road, the players should always keep their eyes open. Moreover, they should keep an eye on all objects that surround them. Clean Road features two types of obstacles – the static ones and the dynamic ones. Both of them can cause you problems, so try to learn how to deal with each type in the most effective manner.

  • Get A Free Car

    The power of the snow plow is an important element when playing Clean Road. The stronger the truck, the easier it will be for you to eliminate the annoying barricades. Consequently, the vehicles that follow you will find it easier to reach their destination.

  • Upgrade Your Snow Plow

    Besides providing you with a new truck every once and a while, Clean Road allows you to upgrade your existing snow plow as well. By enhancing the bulldozer-like machine, the players boost their odds of getting through the meltdown in a fast and efficient way. After all, a bigger snow plow will have better chances of shoveling pickup trucks out of the way than a small one will.

  • Collect And Invest The Stars

    The stars are the only in-game currency in Clean Road. As we already mentioned, this is not a complicated game so there is no need for an elaborate resource-collecting system. As a result, players only need to accumulate as many stars as possible. The more cars you free from the traffic jam – the more stars will end up in your bankroll. The amount of stars you have at your disposal is displayed in the upper right corner.

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Reviews Of Game

Kyal Patel: Great game, but a few changes would make it 5 stars: 1) Fix the daily bounties ‘without crashing’ and ‘without missing any cars’ 2) Make it so missing a car actually fails the level (it says so at the beginning and the game is too easy at the moment) 3) Create a VIP vehicle so you don’t have to inundate us with ads for a new vehicle with no relevant gameplay differences for money 4) Add an endless mode with a high score system, where recommendation 2) is implemented. Otherwise great game!

Zaina Azhar: I love this game!!!. its so much fun to play . when the car clean the road its quite satifying BUT theres a one problem. when I buy a new car . the car is same as the old one just changes the colour. u have to put some speciality in the new car . for example the old car is slow so when I buy a new car it has to be fast. like that. I will rate it 4 stars . the game is amazing. but for the problem I will rated 4 stars

Nicholas Smith: this game is so fun i just started playing it and it is addictive but in a good way. You save cars from bad weather like the snow or a sand storm. you also collect coins and buy new snow mobiles. in my oppinion it is a great game and fun even though it is a little addictive.but it is addictive in a good way.

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