Publisher Aspyr Media,
Category Strategy,
Latest Version 1.2.0
Size 4GB
MOD Features Unlocked DLCs
Requirements Android 9+
Updated On December 1, 2021
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Civilization VI Introduction

Civilization VI MOD APK offers players a new way to interact with the outside world. You can build your empire, improve your culture, and compete against the greatest leaders of history. Can you create a civilization that will stand the test of history?



Civilization VI MOD APK, a strategy game, is one of the most complex and richest games in its genre. Your only goal is to expand your empire across the millennia.
You must build culture, religion, science, and technology to win Civilization VI. These conditions will give you the chance to control the military and develop technology, as well as cultural influence over your opponents.
Civilization VI’s world is more than your empire. Building the army to establish defense systems is crucial. You must consider other factors as well as tactics. For example, a large military can be very costly. You can solve this problem by looking for transaction routes to allow high-rate gold collection.

Limit your warfare without any strategy and not indiscriminately. This can have negative consequences for your empire and the people. People who are exhausted will rebel against you and cause your empire to fall apart.
You can change the difficulty level, number of enemies and size of the map. This is useful for novices who don’t understand the complicated nature of Civilization VI. You can also choose to play on larger maps with fewer enemies. The international transaction will require you to be more patient than ever before. It is easier to expand your territory.

What’s new in Civilization VI?

Civilization VI MOD APK added a number of features to the existing system, such as “expansion” of cities. Cities can now occupy one tile of the map, unlike previous versions. The player can now move it around and take control of any nearby areas as long as the tiles are within sight. There are many types of soil, and some structures will perform better on certain soil types. Buildings must be constructed according to the specifications. This promotes thinking as well as changing the player’s method of strategic, encouraging more creative thinking.

You can use the mason when building buildings to make things go faster. You are limited to one mason per day.
In addition, rivals’ civilizations will develop very rapidly. You can learn about their activities by using “spy” or “gossip”. Pay more attention to barbarians. They are now better organized and can send out scouts, as well plan or raid into the cities.
Civilization VI allows for you to modify the ruling to fit your personal style. There are many policy cards available that can be used to influence anything, including cultural outcomes and war exhaustion. Active research has been added. You can cut down your research time by meeting certain conditions (related Techs and Civics).

AI is smarter

Civilization-VI-4Civilization VI MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

You may have seen Civilization VI MOD APK in action if you’ve played the previous Civilization parts. The AI opponent’s intelligence is significantly enhanced in Civilization VI. If the soldiers of an empire are found to be concentrated at the border, they will wage war immediately. They are even able to classify special troops in order to combat the tanks.

You don’t have to face the AI. Instead, you can play the online game mode and fight other strategists across the globe.

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Main Features

  • Simple and clean design, with an intuitive interface
  • High-quality graphics and smooth animations
  • Exciting strategy game to conquer the world and build an empire
  • Professional gamers and amateurs alike will enjoy Empire Builder
  • Build buildings or upgrade existing structures
  • Strategic thinking and resource management are key components of a successful business.
  • Make smart decisions and help change the future of the planet

Civilization VI Reviews

Michael Edwards says: I have no problems running this game. I have Android 10 installed on my Samsung Galaxy S9+ (Snapdragon). As Android 11 apparently isn’t supported, I think those on valid hardware have issues. This is a shame, but I was alarmed to see all the negative reviews about it.

Emmet Coyle: I gave this 4 stars. The controls can be a little tricky to use, but with a lot of trial and error it is not too difficult. Although loading times can be slow, it’s still a solid experience that is worth the investment. As a long-standing fan, I hope the game is constantly updated and refined.

Jeffrey Gallant: First, it’s only free for 60 rounds, or a demo, if you prefer. The full game costs 13$ and is well worth the money. The basic edition (no dlc) worked as expected. There is some lag and occasional crashes, so make sure that autosaves are turned on or you’ll lose a game. A mobile version of t…

Truffle pudding: The game works great on Samsung S20. It’s as if I am playing on a laptop or on xboxX. Is it worth 10€ well probably more like a 5 , but still i would give it a 5 stars for the playing experience and no issues.

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