Download CHRONO TRIGGER Mod Apk 2.0.4 (Unlimited Money)

Introduction Game

Chrono Trigger APK for Android is a classic RPG. Featuring turn-based gameplay and compelling world future defense missions.

Chrono Trigger for Android, players will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the fascinating storyline and participate in many fascinating battles anytime, anywhere.

Chrono Trigger for Android, you explore the forgotten world, a distant future, even the apocalypse of the Earth.

Whether you are a person who likes to play games in first person or play games for many hours, the epic quest to save the planet in Chrono Trigger for Android promises to bring you the most exciting adventure from Ever.

Are you ready to help Crono find his friend again? Do not hesitate to challenge yourself, you will find many memorable things in Chrono Trigger forAndroid.

eckFNkq - CHRONO TRIGGER 2.0.4 (Unlimited Money)CHRONO TRIGGER APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Active Time Battle Version 2
    During battle, time will not stop, and you can enter commands when the character’s gauge is full. The enemies’ positions will change as time passes, so choose your actions based on any given situation.
  • ‘Tech’ moves and combos
    During battle, you can unleash special ‘Tech’ moves, including abilities and/or magic and characters can combine these abilities to unleash all new combo attacks which are unique to them. There are over 50 different types of combos that you can execute between two and three characters!
  • Experience the ‘Dimensional Vortex’ and the ‘Lost Sanctum’ dungeons
    The Dimensional Vortex: a mysterious, ever-changing dungeon existing outside of space and time. What wonders await you at its center? The Lost Sanctum: enigmatic gates in prehistoric and medieval times will lead you to these forgotten chambers. Meet the challenges presented to you and long-lost secrets may be revealed…
  • Graphics and sound
    While keeping the atmosphere of the original, the graphics have been updated in higher resolution. As for the sound and music, under the supervision of composer Yasunori Mitsuda, all songs have been updated for an even more immersive gameplay experience.
  • Autosave
    In addition to saving at a save point or choosing to quit from the menu, your progress is saved automatically while traversing the map.

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Reviews Of Game

BriPhi9999: The game looks nice, the sound and music are great. However, it does not succeed in the touch mechanism sometimes combat. That you choose the enemy in combat feels very inaccurate. There are times in the game when it is important that you attack certain parts of the enemy. To avoid harmful consequences and this leads to death which could otherwise be avoided. The game also includes a great quicksave feature. Perfect for playing on the go in short bursts

Chris Deems: This game is absolutely amazing. Take down the best role-playing game of all time, very rewarding. I don’t know what happens with these bad reviews about this Android version. But I just beat it a few minutes ago and the gameplay is perfect. Exactly as I remembered. I have a cheap Android phone under $ 100 and I have no problems. They even add a feature that you can save at any time. Anywhere and it works exactly as expected. Such a beautiful game.

Gavin Fischer: Great game! This port also works quite well on mobile devices. It sometimes has a few technical flaws. But nothing stopped me since the game has so many opportunities to save.

Francis Yehl: Just finished my first level. Nostalgia like that. If you spend time building the characters, you could easily spend more than 40 hours here. I finished the game in 33 hours. Great game, great port.

Cody Molitor: Worthy and fun as I remember playing on the NES system. Controlling takes a while to get used to. But once you go down it’s all gravy. Highly recommended.