Publisher 751Games Co., Ltd,
Category Adventure,
Latest Version 1.1.1
Size 570MB
MOD Features Full Game Unlocked
Requirements 5.0+
Updated On December 9, 2022
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Cat Museum Introduction

Cat Museum is essentially a classic puzzle game. You will go around, interact with objects large and small, touch statues, move paintings, follow instructions suggested by a work of art… All will lead you to clues. Gather enough clues that will lead you to the great secrets of the Museum, which you want to expose.

Cat Museum MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Not only interact, and solve puzzles, but you also have to use your sharp reasoning ability and delicate creativity. Only then can you “see” what others do not see, and then connect things to create a chain of meaningful clues. If you play Cat Museum absent-mindedly or not earnestly deducing, linking everything together, the end will be very far away.

Sometimes in the middle of the game, you will be engulfed in the dark gloomy atmosphere of the Museum, but fear not, just go ahead and engage in puzzles. When you ignore your fear, that’s when you need the truth more.

You will have the opportunity to witness the tumultuous screams, the scary rustling sound in the night, a blood-red sky, and time standing still. Sometimes you can’t even distinguish between day and night, furniture falling everywhere… Many surreal incidents cause shock and fear in people.

Cat Museum is a beautiful and scary game, you half want to keep going, half want to stop, half want to explore and half falters. The beauty of the graphics and the surreal questions and situations it opens will still haunt you for a while. But let’s enjoy its fascinating hand-drawn art first.

Main Features

  • A surreal 2D side-scrolling puzzle-adventure.
  • Visually stunning reimagined classical artwork immerses players in the world of famous fine art.
  • Search for strange clues that help you revealed the truth of the protagonist’s childhood.
  • Interact with your mischivious cat and enjoy its playful company.
  • Enter a bizarre and curious world and start a fantastical adventure.

Reviews Game :

Mad McOmber: The puzzles in this game are fulfilling and a good balance of challenging and manageable, while the art is intriguing and the story is both beautiful and harrowing. Bought the full game and the costumes, well worth it. I hope to see more from these developers in the future!

Galia F.: Absolutely beautiful game. The artwork is pretty and fits well with the theme. It’s eerie but we’ll done. The puzzles are very creative, interesting and fun to solve. The story line pulls you in, it makes you think. Phenomenal game. 10/10 Easily worth the 3 bucks. Haven’t found such an amazing game in a while.

Raeanna Cierocke (Rae-Rae): Seems like a fun game but this only let’s you play a little part of before it wants you to pay for the full version. It should be advertised in the title this isn’t the full game. While the description mentions it, I still feel it’s a tad misleading. I wouldn’t mind an ad version to play the full game.

Download Cat Museum APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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