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Latest Version 16207
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MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requirements Android 6.0 Network required+
Updated On January 15, 2022
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CarX Rally Introduction

Driving through beautiful 3D scenery is always enjoyable. CarX Rally MOD APK takes you to new places on super cars, and will allow for hours of emotional driving.


You must win like other racing games. Your goal is to win time and climb to the top of the rankings. CarX Rally allows you to experience many emotions while racing on quiet country roads. Therefore, the feeling of racing doesn’t have the rigid suffocation like in street driving games but is very poetic, and peaceful.

CarX-Rally-MOD-APK1CarX Rally MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Each vehicle type will be shown in 3D images. You can choose several colors and then hit the track. The clock starts to count down as soon as you see the scene and the symbol that will start the game. CarX Rally is your only competitor. There’s no one else but you and the long racetrack ahead. You must push yourself to the limit. The screen is only a fraction of the time. You have to race against it. The faster you can reach the finish line, the more you will rise in the global player rankings.

The track opens into a vast, airy area. The surrounding natural scenery allows you to relax and jog without feeling tired. Keep in mind, though, that time is measured in ticks. Don’t be so busy looking at the scenery that you forget you’re racing. There will be many challenges, obstacles, and difficulties on your journey to the destination. They can be the median strip, the winding mountain road, or the dangerous sharp turn… The obstacles here come from the road itself and are not intentionally placed like many other racing games.

It’s easy to get started, but difficult to master.

You can choose between a short or a long track. The goal is to race against the clock and beat yourself.

CarX Rally MOD APK controls are very easy to use. You will find the basics of control buttons for any racing player on the screen. The navigation button is on the left, while the brake and accelerator buttons allow you to accelerate or decelerate on the road. The remaining positions correspond to speed, time, and map.

You will find the game very easy at the beginning with gentle twisting curves and races. They can be used to train users. CarX Rally can be a very difficult simulation of racing until you become familiar with its operations.

There is only one way to progress through the levels of the game. You must maintain stability while driving. By spending many hours driving on different roads, you can improve your driving skills and your driving ability.


You’ll need speed reflexes to navigate the track. Pay attention to sharp turns on the map. You need to react quickly in order not only to regain your balance but also to avoid falling into the grass by the side of road and exploding. Surprisingly, most game screens only show a very short distance ahead. The player cannot see where obstacles are or which turns they might be.  Only good reflexes will allow you to keep up with the car’s speed and not get hit by the curb.

You will be awarded a reward for each race. You can use this money to unlock new cars, upgrade wheels and gearboxes, or just for fun. The only goal is to make the car more responsive to the track and improve its ability to get better results.

Unlimited racing game

CarX Rally MOD APK has no restrictions on fuel and materials. Car maintenance is not something you should worry about. Neither do you have to worry about money. No matter how much you spend, it’s okay. Even if you spend everything to unlock a brand new car, it’s okay. You can gradually accumulate it again.

Keep your eyes on the road and make sure you get through as many roads as possible in the shortest time.

Sound and graphics

CarX Rally MOD APK has a rough sound. Because there is only the sound of the car, the screeching of the wheel, and the sound when accelerating… The game has almost no background music, which is quite contrasting with the beautiful surroundings. However, players can focus completely on the task of conquering the track thanks to this. If the game had beautiful scenery, good music and a lot of racing, would you choose to focus on the racing or spend your time looking at and listening?


The CarX Rally’s scenery is truly a masterpiece. Country roads are peaceful, green and windy, with a lot of peace. This is, I must say, the most peaceful and beautiful racetrack I have ever experienced.

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Main Features

  • The rally racing car’s physics are true to life. Choose whether you’d like to drift or get a full grip
  • Championships. 35 tournaments, regular and muscle cars
  • A wide variety of cars to pick from which caters to every driver’s taste
  • Tune your vehicle however you want

CarX Rally Reviews

Taco Saurus: The sounds are better than ever. The graphics have been improved and the game runs smoother. The challenges are great. The only thing I have to criticize is the cockpit camera. It’s very dark and the hand/wheel movement are slow and stiff.

Trihardio: It’s a great game for both new and experienced car players. There are many levels to choose from, excellent graphics and lots of cars. It is well worth spending a few hours to play. 5/5

Ngqabutho Dube: CarX is the future of mobile sim racing… 👌 This game gets better every day I love it.. Personally, I would love to see a “ghost feature” and more cars so that we can challenge our friends and other players.

Richard Johnson: Great racing game. The graphics are amazing. This has a real-life feel that I love. It even has the ability to crash pretty spectacularly. A+

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