Publisher BOOLit Game Studio,
Category Action,
Latest Version 1.4.1p1
Size 244MB
MOD Features No
Requirements 6.0+
Updated On September 11, 2022
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Burst To Power Introduction

Burst To Power is a game that can give its players a great fighting experience. If you are a particular fan of games designed in the style of Anime fighting role-playing, this will be a game not to be missed in the collection. With many challenges, fighting against enemies and developing characters together promises to give players an experience that they can’t take their eyes off.

Burst To Power APK – Gameplay Screenshot

In order to give your players the perfect experience, the opening scenes of the game will play a significant role. Players will be able to feel the messages the game wishes they could experience throughout the gameplay through the storyline. Therefore, you will be able to start your game with an extremely attractive story that has been carefully prepared by the producers of Burst To Power.

The game will start with all the worlds inside the very special BOOLitVerse. Inside, this story will be started with a powerful god named Gloggle throwing the Overworld into the world and causing chaos with evil purposes. Now it will only be Reyline, the last apprentice who possesses the ability to stop Gloggle with her evil plan from carrying out. Enter the dangerous world and create the most extraordinary things with your character.

Many characters will be brought into your game by the game so that you can choose and experience according to your style and preferences. Each character will have their own different characteristics that are built in a unique way. You will need to spend a lot of time practicing and fighting in order to master the skill sets that the character possesses in his game.

Main Features

  • Fast paced fighting inspired by the best animes and battle mangas
  • Unique story
  • 3D Anime Visuals and Animation.
  • unlockable characters each with unique abilities and transformations

Burst To Power Reviews

Kind Japan: 30hrs in & the game is still awesome. Might be the best mobile fighting game ever. Can’t wait to be able to destroy plantets (respectfully) & fight in outer space!!!! Edit: After a recent update the Done button occasionally doesn’t function causing me to force reset to continue playing. Edit: Removed the ads & everything is back to AWESOME! 5*

Mr Italiano: I love the game, it’s really fun. There are a few problems. There seems to be a few second input lag in the menu when leveling up a character, finishing a stage and starting one. Sometimes it takes twice to push a button and they’re a little small and close to the bottom of my screen. I’d also like the feature to customize the HUD for my fights. A multiplayer arena would be a great add. So would a endless tower or sequence to grind resources and level up as well. Love the game and anime style

The PassivePasta: I like this game a lot. While I still miss the power level warriors series, this game is a very good one. The controls are well done and the ability to switch between characters in battle is great. I love how the new forms work and the graphics are also great for a mobile 3d game. The only problems I really have are that I have the settings as low as possible to keep the lag down, but at some points the lag is still pretty high (but it might be my phone) and the unavoidable ads. 5 stars

Download Burst To Power APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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