Publisher Dual Cat,
Category Casual,
Latest Version 1.6.3
Size 28MB
MOD Features Unlimited Coins
Requirements Android 4.1+
Updated On September 14, 2021
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Introduction Game

Bubble Tea APK is a great game for milk tea “devotees”. Make your own delicious milk tea! Bubble Tea! is a simple but interesting and addictive simulation game. Join the game, you become a milk tea maker and have the task of making delicious cups of tea at the request of customers.

To create a perfect cup of milk tea, there are many different ingredients, including white pearl, black pearl, black jelly, white jelly, topping, milk tea, etc. … In each game screen, you will be required to brew a specific cup of tea. The task of the player is to select and combine the ingredients into the cup so that the cup of milk tea is identical and right.

There are people who like to eat black pearls, those who like to eat white pearls, those who prefer topping or just drink milk tea … many requirements that you need to meet. Pay attention to the exact amount of material to match the requirements, otherwise you will fail. However, if you accidentally inserted a certain document by mistake, click the trash icon to take away and try again!

In the early stages, the amount of ingredients is small, so making a complete cup of tea is quick and easy. However, after that, there are many ingredients added to the menu, the customers are asking for more, so you need to be very careful, careful, so that you don’t add too much or too little, creating colors. milk as desired.

For every cup of tea completed and sold successfully, you will receive some money. This money is used to unlock beauty cup designs for your cup of tea.

Bubble Tea! Mod ApkBubble Tea APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Mix different flavors to create a delicious cup of milk tea in this simulation game!
  • Earn money and get more skins to beautify your own cup of tea.

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Reviews Of Game

Lorelei Zech: This is a very interesting game I will play on a long bus. When I’m bored I relax but what I like to do is lie in bed while playing games on the phone. This game happens to the Trail the water or p that you are pouring into the cup with your phone. So if you take your phone while pouring water on it, it will cause your phone to be broken. Every other way it is a good game.

Samantha Wilbourn: I really like this game because it’s like I’m creating a real Starbucks. That’s what I love to do is make furniture, but the game also relaxes and when you’re crazy. It helps you get unmad and it seems this game solves all my problems like my life. Will not be completed in this game and I also like to write a review about the game when I tested the game here. But all I want to say is to thank the people who play this game. For joining the great games like thank you very much.

Ammaarah Moola: I love this game very interesting. I definitely recommend playing it and it doesn’t have many ads that I love. I would say please play the game because it also has a great crust for your cup. Really very cute and cute, you can also mix very interesting print colors to download the game. I rate it 5 stars because it is very interesting to play hoping you like the game and rate it 5 stars

Shelby Seymour: This game is a good game and some drinks teach you how to mix colors like that. This is a good game, I like this game. So for those who don’t have this game, you’ll have this game and it has good controls and I really like this game. If you don’t have this game, download it because it’s really fun.

Stephen 313: I love this game, they have no ads and I love this game. You have to combine everything with what they show you and yes I really don’t need to say much. Because this game is fun but if I were you. You don’t have this game yet but you NEED to play it, it’s the BEST GAME I PLAY!

Download Bubble Tea! APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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