Publisher GameClub Inc,
Category Strategy,
Latest Version 2.4.68
Size 42MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Unlocked
Requirements Android 5.1+
Updated On September 14, 2021
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Introduction Game

Breach & Clear APK for Android is fighting action game. Find your enemies waiting somewhere in the area, strategize and defeat. Attractive game does not disappoint you

Breach & Clear has been developed with support from real members of the Special Operations Forces community for a realistic yet accessible tactical experience.

In Breach & Clear, you and your Special Operations Team are thoroughly prepared and equipped with the best equipment you can afford.

You wipe the sweat off your forehead, take a deep breath, and carefully choose your water. Every soldier is important, every decision counts. Have you looked at every angle? Have you anticipated the enemy’s tactics yet? Your strategy determines whether the mission succeeds or fails.

Build an arsenal of thousands of gun combinations and customize your operations with an array of perks, tactics, camouflage, armor, and gear.

Breach & Clear for Android, you split the group and attack the map from multiple entries. Set up routes and fire fields, use hiding and defeat your enemies fastest.

Breach & Clear Mod ApkBreach & Clear APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Intense Strategy: Plan your mission step-by-step. Cover every angle to keep your team safe. Knock down doors, engage in firefights, and clear each room on the road to victory!
  • Realistic Action: Created with the support of real members of the Special Operations Forces community, this realistic experience demands sharp thinking and proper tactical planning.
  • Customize Your Squad: Choose from real-world squads, build your team, customize their load-outs, and create the ultimate fighting force!
  • Build Your Arsenal: Collect and kit out more than 40 different guns with tons of attachments to create thousands of combinations!
  • Gear Up: Equip your operatives with the finest gear, including gas masks, goggles, camouflage, helmets, vests, and more. Use lock picks, breach charges, UAVs, and defibrillators to turn the tide in tough missions!
  • Multiple Modes: Features three game modes with a total of 75 missions!

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Reviews Of Game

Zach Davila: Okay, would you guys like to upgrade the free-to-play experience? Unlock all Kabul missions. That way, people actually get to feel the game instead of repeating the same map. It might pull people in to actually pay. Now I know you got stuff for free for the first month. But that hasn’t always worked for some as a good way to try something. It makes them feel almost like they’ll be playing in a match. I like it, the game freezes when I try and change character names

Joe Gleeson: An interesting and unique game in its own right. Although the price of some items on the sale is lower than its value. But most guns have an AR15 base and would be great if you saw other weapons. And it would be great if you could change the color of the helmet. And coats and instead of adding more m4 stuff, can add gun smiths where you can swap parts of your weapon for something else

Larry Moyle: Very interesting game to play, Can you create another or another game like this? I don’t know if it could be SWAT or something. Because it’s really fun. Yes, probably SWAT.

Zach Davila: Bought this game before, and the support team got my game back. The game is now free to play and extremely fun. Highly recommended. Thanks.

Sean Cortes: Loved this game as a fan since as far back as 2014 when I first had it. Optical game for sure. Glad it came back.

Download Breach & Clear: Military Tactical Ops Combat latest versions for Android

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