Bloons TD 6 Mod Apk

Download Bloons TD 6 Mod Apk 18.1 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

Introduction Game

Bloons TD 6 APK is the 6th installment in the beloved tower defense series of kiwi ninja developers.

The army of evil balloons has returned to attack your monkey tower again and they are stronger than before. Get ready to enter the fascinating 3D tower defense playground Bloons TD 6, experience hours of the best strategy game ever.

The game is built in the perfect goalkeeper way. The task of the player is to create a solid defense by combining monkey towers, upgrading, making the most of hero power and activating special abilities, exploding all balloons before They proceed to the tower.

fgS1Yir - Bloons TD 6 18.1 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)Bloons TD 6 APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

A completely new ball defense game

  • Add new monkeys and upgrade skins.
  • Eye-catching visual effects.
  • 20 original maps, some 3D objects that can block aiming.

Upgrade monkey tower

  • 19 powerful monkey towers, including 2 new monkeys, Druid and Alchemist.
  • 3 ways to upgrade: All monkey towers can be upgraded in 3 different ways for players to choose.
  • Tier 5 Upgrade: The highest upgrade levels super strong that only a monkey can reach that level.


  • Each stage, you arrange the position of unique and powerful monkeys to defend the tower, along with 20 featured upgrades.
  • Each hero has 2 ability to break the ball.
  • Create new play strategies based on the strength and abilities of each hero.

The great additions

  • More than 100 super upgrades to support individual monkey towers or groups of monkeys.
  • Add power boosts at the end of each level to have a chance to win on multiple battlefields and to the next level.

Other great features

  • Game Bloons TD 6 can be played anywhere, without an Internet connection.
  • New bloons like Purple, Fortified and B.A.D.
  • Many new game modes have been added to the game such as Restricted Monkeys, Double Health MOABs and the brutal CHIMPS rules.

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Reviews Of Game

Bryan Alvarez: I love the game but I am waiting for the co-op, when it comes out I will give it 5 stars. Edit: It comes out to have ya go. Five stars. It may use some bug fixes, but it is generally great. I would love to see an increase in the amount of monkey cash that I can get in cooperation. A neat suggestion would be to add every monkey from btd5, but I suppose you worked with it.

Asher McC NOW: Have been waiting for the sequel of a great fifth game. Not quite as brilliant as its predecessor, but again, nothing will happen. BTD5 has built a genre around it, BTD6 is just an extension of that game, but that’s not bad. This, it introduces new gaming features while still being its core. Keeping the soul of BTD series has made fans come back for many years. Tilt your hat with the NinjaKiwi team for a great game.

Tacocat 7: I love this game very much and it is very interesting. I really like the new 3 Path system for the towers along with the level 5 upgrades. Good balance and progression through the game is also very interesting. The only problem is that lately every time I go to step 3 of the loading screen. My game had a problem and kicked me out without explanation. EDIT: The problem was resolved within 12 hours and is easy to fix. The developers were quick and awesome.

Vestas Thebestas: I love this game and in my opinion it is even better than BTD5 because many things like 3D environment. Which heroes you can use when unlocking them. New monkey tower (Alchemist and Druid), upgrade three ways and monkey knowledge. Overall this is a great game (I would recommend it to anyone). Also it is worth the money.

Mo Fradi: I can’t believe this great series started a monkey throwing darts at balloons. This game is great and still doesn’t disappoint, I have a problem though … Those are some ridiculously high level 5 upgrades. It makes sense so it may be fair but sometimes I don’t save 70,000 monkeys until the 90s. Although there are still 5 stars and I love this franchise. And blooming td 5 on all our devices except this one (we need the love gun back).