Blocky Roads Mod Apk

Blocky Roads Mod Apk 1.3.7 (Unlimited Money)

Introduction Game

Blocky Roads APK for Android is a fun racing game for devices using the Android platform. To complete a race, the player must make sure he collects enough coins and unlock new racing paths until he can conquer to the end of the journey.

You can control your vehicle by reducing or increasing the speed. Players need to cross hills and canyons even knock down walls and obstacles to continue the journey. At the same time, you need to collect coins and materials to use. Players only complete a level when they have gone all the way. In worse cases, their car may run out of gas midway and cannot reach the end of the destination.

However, in Blocky Roads for Android, players not only have life on the track, but also have their own farm to take care of. This is the place to hold the spoils you gain from the races.

Besides the graphic style with retro cubes, another feature that contributes to the appeal of Blocky Roads for Android is the in-game music. You will feel like a free man in adventure all over the road, from the countryside to the hills, from the warm plains to the snow-capped slopes.

UzdYNHE - Blocky Roads 1.3.7 (Unlimited Money)Blocky Roads APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • 3d racing – Blocky style!
  • 12 tracks to conquer
  • 4 challenge tracks to test your skills
  • 9 awesome vehicles : trucks, bikes, Monster trucks, tanks
  • Customizable character
  • Car Editor! Build and Paint Your own car block by block!
    (Unlocks after track 3 is finished)
  • Beautiful Voxel Graphics
  • GameServices achievements and leaderboards
  • Kids will love it

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Reviews Of Game

Wayne Turner: Great game! Challenging but not impossible in the main and on the track. You have to look around to find the best way through each race fast enough to get three stars. Super fun! Upgrading your car helps a lot. So it seems worth spending 1.99 on double money immediately; I didn’t make it until I was on track 4, but could save some time to do it soon.

Praaveen Nathan04: This game is really awesome. I like it that the creators have taken game ideas from certain other games. Like hill climb racing, minecraft and rushing uphill. I like it like a ghost car racing with you. Just one thing I hope you can change. The levels are quite expensive. Btw good luck on other game creations.

Kegan Vang: It was a fun experience and a very nostalgic entertainment to me when I was young. And that’s still the best people can say instead of unlocking them using coins. But the whole game is about driving to make money and unlocking upgrades and by the way. You need to get 1 of the 3 chests on the map 3 for a editing tool.

Rob Welby: I love this game and like all dog games! Good for kids and adults especially if you’re a Lego fan. The option to build your own medium and other aspects of the game is excellent. I rarely go high on games but this I did. I would love to see more players give me 6 stars if I can. Dogbytegames great work!

Doom Marine: AWESOMMMEEE !!! I really like it. But it would be great if you could create a level of your challenge. So somehow there could be rockets where you want. Put the elevator in, put the lava and TNT. That would make me want to put 10 stars in the ratings lol.