Publisher Blockman Go Studio,
Category Arcade,
Latest Version 2.22.5
Size 130MB
MOD Features No
Requirements Android 4.4+
Updated On June 26, 2022
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Blockman GO Introduction

You enjoy the Minecraft game but are afraid of entering such a massive sandbox. Your time budget is not available. Blockman GO APK might be the right app for you. It’s short and easy to learn, simple to play, and very challenging. Importantly, it’s all the familiar blocky style you’re looking for.

You won’t find one game; there are many!


While long games can be enjoyable, they take a lot of time. Some games have complicated plot twists, which makes me even forget what progress I’m going through. After a few days, my enthusiasm for these games had waned. Playing an epic long mobile game isn’t always entertaining. Sometimes it’s a bit heavy and stressful because of the series of quests and because there are too many game modes, but it’s just that character, that style, and that story, which make you feel so bored. This is why many people prefer to play a MINI game over long, complicated ones during the weekends.

It was the same for me. I tried to find an entertaining minigame. Fortunately, I found Blockman GO APK.  It truly makes me smile and brings me joy in many ways. Let’s see some of my reviews about Blockman GO.

You will enjoy a variety of mini-games

Blockman GO APK is a collection of Minecraft-style mini games. Download just one game but you’ll have a collection of games to explore. Each game is unique and has different colors, images, and forms. The games are continually being updated. You may receive new games even if you are not finished with your old games.

Blockman GO games share a common feature: they are brief without a complex plot, simple to understand and operate with a simple operation. It is possible to fight immediately upon entering the game, but it is not something everyone can do.

It’s true Minecraft style. Blockman GO lets you customize your character from the first second. You can customize the character’s shape, color, basic equipment, and other details. You can then choose the level you want to play and fight.


When you win a round, you get gold equal to the difficulty level of the game. This gold can be used to purchase additional items, enhance weapons and accessories items. Characters can be transformed in many styles, including cute, rock, polite, graceful, and cool. There are many styles to choose from. All you have to do is collect as much as possible and then buy what you want.

Community interaction and game mode

Blockman GO APK offers many different game modes and challenges. To complete a task, you can either join another player or work with them. To rank higher in the community rankings, you can either beat multiple players or one player. You can also rest easy knowing that there will be an introduction to every new game. It will explain the gameplay clearly and concisely, so you can catch up whenever you want.

Blockman GO is a community that has grown to a large extent. You can connect with anyone in the world through the professional chat system. It allows you to exchange information, make friends, and talk about strategy while playing. Very convenient!

Graphics and sound

Blockman GO’s mini-games have one thing in common. They all use the same graphic style, which is easily understood by listening. To create characters, spaces and challenges, square blocks of different sizes and colors connect to one another. Blockman GO’s entire world was designed this way. It’s a little bit of fun, a lot of love, a little challenging, and it’s a novelty. What makes me so happy when I play multiple games is the fact that even though there are only those squares in each game, every game is unique, from the gameplay to their quests and how the characters complete their missions.

Blockman-GO-APK3Blockman GO APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Sometimes I don’t understand how incredible the devs, the designers, and scriptwriters can be. They create amazing pieces of stuff like these. Trust me, it’s possible to play endlessly without getting bored. There are also a bunch of newly updated games that I haven’t had time to open to see what’s in them.

Colorful heaven is also the sound of this game. The background music is usually quite soothing. The gameplay, the pace, and the music speed of each mini-game will vary depending on the game. Diverse music tracks, reasonable sound effects, constantly changing rhythms make you fall in love with this game quickly and don’t want to stop. This is a huge plus for the game’s large collection.

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Main Features

Various Games

  • There are many minigames available that allow multiple players to play together, and they can be updated continuously. Just tap and users can join the game.

Customizable avatars

  • The dressing system offers a wide range of options for dressing the player. The system covers many styles of decoration. You can dress up as you wish, be it simple, elegant or lively. The System can also suggest the best clothes for your needs. You can join the Fashion Festival and quickly become the most famous star!

Chat system

  • Blockman GO offers players rich chat interaction. Use in-game chat to connect with friends, send private messages and create groups. You can also share funny moments with them. There is no more single player!

Gender exclusive decoration

  • You can choose from different decorations depending on your role in sex. Make sure you pay attention before you create the role.

Reward for Gold

  • Mini games can help you earn gold. You will get more rewards the more you score. Gold can be used for decoration and other purposes.

VIP System

  • VIP players enjoy many privileges, such as a 20% discount on decorations, daily gifts, more Gold, and so forth.

Blockman Go Reviews

Suga: BG is my favorite game. I love it so much that it’s a great gaming experience. However, i do have one problem. There are too many hackers in every match. I was able to get a match without hackers, but BG developers added an automatic ban system for reporting hackers. Other than the hacker topic: Thank you BG Devs for adding a lot of free events, so many regular players are happy! I give :))) 5 Stars!

Khello BG: This game is really amazing!😍 I like how bedwars get more nice prizes for us!🤩 I played it for 3 years and still playing it and grinding still waiting for more nice prizes and events!! 😀🤩Please blockman, try to get rid of hackers. Hackers are known to go to other bed/eggs and quickly break them. This really is a great game. 😔

M.r_ UnKnoWn: This game is great because you can defend your bed. You can collect iron,gold and diamonds. With these ingots you can buy better weapons and more loot.😇

Download Blockman GO Adventures APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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