Block Fortress: War Mod Apk

Download Block Fortress: War Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Introduction Game

Block Fortress APK for Android is the perfect combination between game building and compelling goalkeeper element. A place where you must build and defend your stronghold from the onslaught of enemies.

Block Fortress, you build a fortress, protect it from enemy destruction. That is the main goal of the player in the game Block Fortress. It’s a strategy game that has a unique blend of Forursaken Media’s beloved FPS and TD shooter gameplay.

Block Fortress has unique square graphics like Minecraft. Image colors in the game are fresh, sharp, and harmonious. The effects of shooting bullets, weather, and light are extremely beautiful and realistic, creating a more wonderful experience.

Block Fortress APK for Android you comfortably create a solid fortress. In almost every way you can imagine, then ask for action to protect it. Download Block Fortress and show off your building and fighting skills to survive Goblock’s relentless attacks.

cpezZT5 - Block Fortress: War (Unlimited Money)Block Fortress: War APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Block-building meets real-time-strategy in an action-packed and tactical game.
  • Play as one of five races, each with their own unique troops, heroes, and blocks.
  • Choose to control one of over a dozen heroes, each with different strengths, weaknesses, weapons, and abilities.
  • Customize your army from a huge selection of equipment for each race.
  • Build elaborate and powerful defenses by placing blocks, turrets, bombs, and more.
  • Fight your way through a massive campaign on five different planets.
  • Battle your friends and climb the leaderboards in 1v1 multiplayer, powered by Google Play Services.

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Reviews Of Game

Random Ninja: So far this is a great RTS. It feels completely different from Block Fortress. I see complaints about not having sandboxes. This game is an RTS, sandbox mode will be difficult to execute. Each world has an endless mode when you want clutter. If there is any motive to complete it. The IAP is purely for in-game currency. That you naturally accumulate by playing games. I don’t feel pressured to buy it by any means. Another excellent game from Foursaken!

MV Katze: This game may have been around for a while before writing it. But it’s still my favorite game! It has a way of making the game neither easy nor annoying! Even when I finished the game, which took a while, I was able to restart the game. And get the same experience without getting old! This is a great game and I hope more people enjoy it!

IT’S DEDSEC: Great game. I enjoyed the update in which it added two new unit slots. With more weapon slots and items and more weapons. Let’s do this I enjoyed this in this update. If you can do it and also do it in one mode. You can do a base or do it as a caravan mode.

Adam Degnim: Very unique game in the playstore! I like to control units in battle. Although I wish you would add sandbox mode after defeating the campaign, it’s a bit boring. This game is subject to several updates. Or some order it has potential!

DARK GOLDEN: I said this is the best game but here is my revision for it. I recommend more races in another universe and sandbox mode. Where you can play with multiple races or races. And more who can not use certain things 1 other upgrade.