Bio Inc - Biomedical Plague Mod Apk

Download Bio Inc Mod Apk 2.929 (Unlimited Coins, Unlocked)

  • Name
    Bio Inc - Biomedical Plague and rebel doctors
  • Publisher
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  • MOD Features
    Unlimited Coins, Unlocked, Unlimited DNA, Unlimited Bio Points, All Unlocked
  • Platforms
    Android 2.3+

Introduction Game

Bio Inc APK for Android is a unique simulation game with an epidemic theme in which you have the task of deciding the fate of the victim by developing a dangerous disease.

You create your own plague by upgrading your symptoms. Increase the risk factor and slow the victim’s recovery before the doctor team finds a cure and saves his life.

In the game Bio Inc, players can observe different levels of the victim’s body such as circulatory system, bone, digestive system, nervous system and respiratory system to be able to find the biological points that he or she. needed to get sick.

You can aggravate symptoms of the disease, cause insomnia, high cholesterol, irregular heartbeat, fever and a long list of other symptoms.

Bio Inc., your goal is to kill patients before a doctor can effectively diagnose and treat it.

Bio Inc for Android is an interesting strategy game. Offers a wide variety of features with intuitive graphics and unique gameplay full of exploration.

Kvdhk2c - Bio Inc 2.929 (Unlimited Coins, Unlocked)Bio Inc – Biomedical Plague APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • 18 stage with many diverse gameplay.
  • More than 100 realistic biomedical conditions.
  • Spreads the disease into all organs of the victim.
  • Find ways to impair the patient’s well-being in real time.
  • Great graphics background.
  • Varied and complex settings.
  • Thousands of ways to play.

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Reviews Of Game

Ian Weston: I really like how this game made me adjust my strategy. I remember after the first time playing I thought the game was easy. I’m stuck for a while, trying to win with my nervous system. Learning a digestion strategy helped me beat most of the other rounds in the game. I had a lot of fun in matches that my digestion couldn’t beat. It’s interesting to discover how some diseases work together and solve it. This game is so sweet!

Griffen Mackey: I really like the effort you have to put into the game to be successful. And it feels very pressuring to navigate; Matching clocks according to difficulty. Very addictive, very creative and unique in its own genre of games. The company has never failed to provide an enjoyable interactive game. Makes you feel in possession of the destruction you have caused. 5/5.

Tyler Martinez: This game is really better than Plague Inc. But one problem is that I cannot enter the nervous system in the game. So let’s fix this. Oh, and PC games are better than this. For example, in the PC version, the patient moves to eat and drink but not in this. Good game

Frog game: I love it. But it’s a pity. I have an idea for not only a game but also a game play feature. How about you can make a game mode. In it a doctor attempts to develop a cure for a terrible disease. Before it spreads out of hand?

Landon Malick: To be honest, it’s a fun and fun game. It’s easy and if you want you can play harder and set yourself a challenge or let it go. I’ve seen this a lot on YouTube and it’s really interesting. I recommend this gsme.