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Download Big Farm Mod Apk 1.9.2410 (Unlimited Money, Seeds)

Introduction Game

Big Farm Mod Apk (Unlimited Money, Seeds). Big Farm is a free farm game on Android phones. Game Big Farm is developed in the style of time management games with brilliant graphics and familiar gameplay, is a great choice for you to entertain and kill time on mobile.

Become a rich and good farmer in the game Big Farm. George is too old and cannot manage all the farm work, so you will be the successor of this position.

If you’re not familiar with being a true farmer, don’t worry, your kind neighbors will teach you everything. Working as a farmer and tending cattle and poultry is really easy, so you will learn very quickly!

You will start with the work of a pure farmer such as growing vegetables, fruits, flowers, building houses, warehouses … Don’t forget to take care of cattle and poultry on Big Farm! When you harvest crops, you will earn a lot of money or use this material to produce food.

Not just a stress relief game, Big Farm also helps you realize your mastery potential through trading agricultural products and breeds. You will have to upgrade your farm, buy more land and hire workers. Gradually, you not only survive the field but also know how to decorate your land beautifully!

As a common farm management game but Big Farm is not boring. Each level is a new task for you to handle. Complete missions to help players earn money and score, and new levels are unlocked.

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Game Features

  • Harvest your favorite tropical fruits, organic vegetables, and flowers in your garden scapes
  • Build the farm village of your dreams with plenty of vintage buildings, windmills and decorations
  • Join the village community. meet, chat, discuss and enter joint ventures to complete quests with farmers worldwide
  • Produce and harvest organic foods and farm fresh goods all from your own farm village
  • Manage and distribute realistic production cycles, sow seeds, water the plants, hedge in farm marketplace and collect rewards
  • Take care of animals and raise chickens, cows, birds, and pigs. rear livestock and feed livestock with fodder
  • Trade farming products manufactured completely from raw seeds to end consumable crops in farming marketplace

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Reviews Of Game

Calamity Jo: Good game! Moves quickly… you don’t have to wait hours to continue playing. There are enough short-term tasks to keep you busy while waiting for the longer ones to complete. And the game is basic enough that you don’t feel like you have to complete a billion “pretasks” to advance levels. The difficulty increases gradually, unlike a lot of games that require you to spend money almost immediately. Get it! You’ll like it!

Krystal Bou: I love this game. Although I believe the creators should make it easier to get supplies other than real money( I know you have to make money as well) but it shouldn’t be so time consuming all the time for people who wanna build their farms in a timely manner. I spend real money an it’s still difficult to upgrade an expand an stay in the positive with happy. Jus a lil advise. Love the game though.

Sherry Frazier: I like this game. People are complaining everything takes too long. But if you collect from your fields first, plant corn, then collect everything else the corn is usually almost ready by the time you are done. I alternate between cabbage and dandelions and come back every couple hours and do it all over again. I plant wheat at night or during the day when I know I won’t have time to get on the game.