Best Fiends Puzzle Game Mod Apk

Download Best Fiends - Free Puzzle Game Mod Apk 8.2.0 (Unlimited Gold, Energy)

Introduction Game

Best Fiends – Free Puzzle Game Mod APK (Unlimited Gold, Energy and Everything) latest version free download for Android. Discover the world of Minutia and its very cute, brave inhabitants on a fun adventure, full of laughter in the puzzle game Best Fiends

In the Best Fiends game, players need to collect all the best monsters, upgrade them, explore their special power and fight snails on the top of Mount Boom.

Are you ready Let’s “help the cute monsters save their families from Boom slugs”! Did you know: the tiny creatures of the world of Minutia that lived in peace and happiness together until one night a meteorite crashed into Mount Boom. And everything is disturbed, residents of Minutia are endangered by a strange force that has turned the slime slime living here into a gang dedicated to “gobbling” trees and kidnapping family Best Fiends.

5pb8lks - Best Fiends - Free Puzzle Game 8.2.0 (Unlimited Gold, Energy)Best Fiends – Free Puzzle Game APK

How To Play

Your mission is to fight off hideous slugs and help the Best Fiends reunite with his family. In order to do this, Fiends must mature, train to have special power and always have to prepare psychologically to face the unresolved mysteries at the top of Boom.

Bringing match-3 gameplay (linking the same things) and fighting so familiar, players can meet and command a lovely group of insects by combining 3 or more similar plants in shape and the color. Surely players have no difficulty if they have played through Marvel Puzzle Quest, Bee Brilliant, etc. Once the game starts, the related insects will attack the black snail staring down. Temper, a louse will attack when 3 or more leaves are connected to each other. Brittle, the fly, will attack if the mushrooms are combined. The black snail will strike if the flowers are connected and activate the Kwincy spider. Players are required to lower a certain number of snails or connect a sufficient number of rules before each game screen, or must complete a certain goal.

Main Features

  • Familiar gameplay puzzle game: easy to play but challenging, constantly opening new things
  • Brilliant graphics, music to the touch of your finger
  • Good story: lost in insect world, join Best Fiends in epic adventure
  • Collect and upgrade: collect all the best monsters in the region and discover their own special abilities.
  • Never worry about being stuck: you can upgrade characters and their power through the toughest challenges in the game.
  • Attractive puzzle game developed based on role-playing genre.
  • Join the fight with Boom mountain slugs
  • Many levels, characters and other changes along the way!

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Reviews Of Game

Holly Marie: Fun game, I like a the side quests/missions/challenges. I know free games are going to have ads, but I hate when the ad doesn’t have a mute option (kind of embarrassing, makes me unlikely to play if I’m anywhere but alone at home. Some levels seem purposefully unbeatable, seems like an attempt to force/manipulate you into buying a VIP membership or spend money for the necessary resources to make upgrades. Other than the money grabs, I like it.

Brittany Tozo: I am ADDICTED to this game. I love that you don’t just have to go up and down and side; you can make a Z if you had enough matches to do so. Also there isn’t a bunch of ads either. If there is 1 thing I would change about it I would make it so you can start the level with boosters without having to buy them. I spend a little money on this game, but as a single mom fighting for disability I don’t have money. Keep up the good work everyone!

Chris Summerfield: Really great app! Love the Dynamics compared to most where the objects have to be parallel vertically or horizontally, your able to go diagonal and around hard to reach areas but still challenging enough to make you not want to quit and great prices (so far-only been playing for a day or so but almost to level 50). Very addicting. Well done.