Bee Factory Mod Apk

Download Bee Factory Mod Apk 1.27.1 (Unlimited Money)

Introduction Game

Welcome to the best Bee Factor game on Android. This is an extremely addictive idle touch screen game, giving you the role of a beekeeper taking honey and trying to become the richest man.

In this simulation playground, your task in Bee Factor APK is to manage the operation of a beekeeping factory, sell honey to make a profit and become the richest man.

Similar to other idle games, the player’s job is simply “crazy touch” on mobile screens. In the beginning, you only had one bee and one honeycomb hole. Touch the bee so that it flies into the hive to release the honey and then fly to find nectar … The honey in the hive will be transferred to the system of the factory to close on each honey cake to sell for money.

In addition, you can also swipe continuously into the area of ​​the honey transport route so that it can produce and sell honey faster, make a lot of money in a short time.

The proceeds will be invested back into the factory by buying more bees and honeycomb holes, investing in production lines, transporting honey … Just like that, your factory is growing with As the number of bees and hives increases, more and more honey is made and more money is sold.

h6a4DxD - Bee Factory 1.27.1 (Unlimited Money)Bee Factory APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Unlock +100 super fun bees
  • Sell TONS of honey
  • Upgrade your bees and your machines

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Reviews Of Game

Mysticfoox: It was really addictive. I played it for an hour. The only thing is why when you level up, you can choose to use your money? Why can’t it be a coin, it is easy to level up for me after only an hour I reach level 80+. I also can’t reset my bees I don’t know if you should wait for a certain time. Or just a problem nonetheless it is very good and I recommend it!

Nunntou: Bee Factory is a really fun idle game, with tons of bees to choose from! You can reset, this helps you to increase the power. And you can upgrade your bee machine / honey machine..all. You also get quests and you can level up to get more bees! I am currently at level 26 and I have zombee, and I only have this game for a day! In short, great game, and it’s really fun!

Mohit Talgotra: Bruh, this game is the most idle game in the entire app store. I highly recommend everyone playing this highly addictive game. And the best part is, when you’re offline, it earns the same amount of money if you’re online. And I’m not the one who gives good reviews so the game is “good”. This game is the best idle game available and you need to play it.

Mermaid: I think this game looks great so I played it and now I love this game! It was the 2nd day I played and I had lots of bees and money. I can buy almost anything and I like when you touch the bees. It makes them go faster and I do not receive ads. I like this game.

Wolf Pack: LOVE the game. Funny and addictive pond. No need for skills. Just press and BOOM. You are a professional. I can play this anywhere. Completely recommend this game to others who are not sure exactly what they want and or like.