Publisher Blockman Go Studio,
Category Action,
Latest Version
Size 91MB
MOD Features No Mods
Requirements Android 4.1+
Updated On April 3, 2022
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Bed Wars Introduction

Bed Wars APK is an action game that is considered a new version of Minecraft, with content revolving around the war in bed, when you have to protect your bed and destroy the enemy’s bed to win . won

Bed Wars brings together a large number of players in Blockman Go and has team-based PvP gameplay. Players will protect their base is the bed and use all resources to destroy someone else’s bed, win.

If you’ve ever played Egg Wars (or Eggwars), you’ll find Bed Wars has a similar way to play. However, instead of protecting eggs, you need to protect the bed.

When starting Bed Wars for Android, gamers will need to wait for a while until the number of online players reaches 16. At that time, 16 players will be divided into four groups, each group will go to a decent island. similar to Minecraft World. On that island, you can gather resources and find storage, move precious materials, then use them to build armor. Also, you must hide all the beds on the island. When the time comes, players can start building bridges to other players’ islands and try to destroy their beds.

Bed Wars Mod ApkBed Wars APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • 16 players are divided into 4 teams. They were born on 4 different islands. Each island has its own facilities and beds. Team players can revive, as long as the bed exists.
  • On the island there are iron, gold, diamonds for gamers to collect and use it in exchange for merchants, equipment, weapons.
  • Use equipment and blocks to collect more resources on the central island.
  • Build bridges to enemy islands, destroy beds and destroy them.
  • The team that survives to the end will win.

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Bed Wars Reviews

Melinda Crow: This is a really good game, you have fun with your friends and the reason I rank 5th is. Because you learn to build discoveries and more, I like this game very much like minecraft. You can choose your country and choose your gender and design your own character thank you. A lot because the people who created this game can bless you all.

Christal Levonia: I was really bored for all the games so I visited the google playstore app. Then bedwars pop up on my screen. I thought maybe it was boring but I just downloaded it. After playing for a while, I said it was not bad. After a few days playing it I was obsessed with it. I will play it every day. This is the best EVER game.

Dank Vaper: The best Bed Wars mobile game. Props for Blockman to do this. I think we need a solo mode. Teammates are annoying, always taking your iron and gold! Although there are hackers. Kill you with one shot when you are at the top of the map.

Gerard Luiten: This game is great. I can’t stop playing games, you can hold your ax and scythe. I need them to destroy the bed like you are trying to sleep in bed. Your other teammates are making a racket. Love the fire bombs! Plus, it’s always better each time.

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