Publisher Space Ape,
Category Music,
Latest Version
Size 192MB
MOD Features Always Perfect, High Score
Requirements 6.0+
Updated On August 29, 2022
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Beatstar Introduction

Beatstar: You have a great passion for music, you want to sway to the tunes but have not found any game that satisfies your needs. Now you don’t have to search around anymore because there is a new generation of rhythm games that brings everything into one: games, entertainment, fun with friends, and tons of catchy music.

Beatstar  MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Beatstar is the latest song collection from today’s great artists. Starting from a music game site, Beatstar has a lot of songs for you to enjoy. You can find any type of music you love in Beatstar’s music feature,  enjoy them with a good pair of headphones and all the catchy tunes in life will come to you. You can walk and dance to the music, you can connect it to speakers to party all day with friends.

Not only a game for you to listen to and enjoy music, but Beatstar is also a modern rhythm game. One of Beatstar’s cool capabilities is that here, you not only listen to modern music, but you can also literally tap into the rhythm.

Beatstar is a rhythm game where you can play and master the rhythms of your favorite songs. Just tap and swipe on instruments, vocals, or beats, and you can alter the melody, follow the beat of the main song, or create something completely new to your liking.

You just need to listen, focus and catch up to each melody. It is like you’re listening and tapping along on the piano keys in the rhythm games kids used to play in the old days.

Main Features

  • Rhythm games – a new experience
  • Music from your favorite artists
  • Go viral

Beatstar Reviews:

hayle broach: i love this game but two things, one the vibration mode will not work, ive tried everything from turning it off and on to redownloading the whole game. two when you play a song you can get either a perfect+, perfect, great, or bad. they all have different colors to tell you what you got aswell as a pop up text saying what you got at the top. but perfect+ is green ( the same color as perfect) i think that should be a different color. i would tell you more about it but im out of room.

Nichole Sampson: This game is a lot of fun. There’s some great song choices and the notes are very well synced.. A couple things that are annoying though. Failing the whole song after missing one note. Also there’s almost no distinction between perfect and perfect+, making it almost impossible to finish a song with 100% accuracy.

Ja’Nyah Shelton: I love this game and the updates have only made it better. My one complaint is the placement of the pause button when playing a song. There are times when i play fast songs but i need to pause and cant because the pause button is too high to press before missing a tile. If it were further down that would help alot.

Download Beatstar APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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