Beat Cop Mod Apk

Download Beat Cop Mod Apk 1.0.1 (Unlocked)

Introduction Game

Beat Cop APK for Android is an adventure game that combines fascinating investigative topics. You play as Jack – former detective wrongly convicted and demoted to police on the street patrol. Just recorded a ticket, you have to investigate to find your innocence.

Beat Cop has classic pixel graphics and is set in the 80s in New York City. This investigation and investigation game has been released on mobile devices so that players can experience the game anytime, anywhere.

New York is more like an animal than a vibrant city. In Beat Cop, you will explore the dark and secret nooks of the city as Jack Kelly.

But the problem is that your new boss treats you terribly, your wife spends money, and the local gangs want to end your life.

Everything is extremely complicated in the heart of the Brooklyn district of New York City. Download Beat Cop for Android and start finding the truth today.

wKkPVUV - Beat Cop 1.0.1 (Unlocked)Beat Cop APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Attractive plot with many different endings
  • Adventure based on the 80’s TV show
  • Memorable humor experience

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Reviews Of Game

Nathan Hill: I found this game to be really fun and enjoyable. I would highly recommend it because of the interesting story. With some fun moments with old style stubborn police-style humor. And interactions with other characters in the world and story. The game has difficult moments. Especially with money management but the controls are easy to learn and simple to handle. The only thing I want from this game is more content or sequels. I would love to see something like an endless mode.

Matt Corby: Pretty neat game. It’s kind of like “Papers, please” respond “Here is the police”. I was broken like a joke right now. But as soon as I have the extra $ 5 I will buy the full version. You can play 2 or 3 days in the game before you have to pay. And they set it up perfectly – as soon as I connected, it was time to pay. But no biggy. It’s worth it and they have to make money somehow. Quite exactly what I was looking for.

Yn Aquino: The game is unique. I am a fan of pixel adventure games. The early disclaimer is a bit confusing. Though I wouldn’t blame the developers for placing it. If people are too sensitive and serious about the subject of thr game. I will buy the whole game if I have the money.

Nof McGoff: Great story and the reinstall killed all the bugs. I like black humor and dark background. The mostly negative reviews about having to pay surprised me. The developers warn you upfront. And the payout is actually very small for that kind of game.

Panda Dad: This game is really addicting. The story is great, and every decision you make even is a side quest. Or neither can completely change your opinion. The controls are a bit confusing but easy to understand.