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BattleHand Mod Apk 1.16.1 (Hight Exp)

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    Hight Exp, Gems, Money,
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    Android 5.0+

Introduction Game

BattleHand APK for Android, rookie from application firm Kongregate is an action RPG that combines traditional RPG elements with card games to create a new playing field for gamers.

If you love RPGs and cards but don’t have much time to participate in a real role-playing game, BattleHand is an interesting option for you. The task of the player is to incarnate into the forgotten heroes fighting for honor and justice, and against the oppression of Queen Amethyst to protect the peaceful lands of FellCrest.

Entering the game, players will start with a single character and during the journey the player will collect more other heroes. You can also fight them to check if they really have the ability to become an integral part of the hero squad or not.

Irrespective of demons or humans, all wizards, goblins and warriors stand on the same front line, search for ancient weapons, relearn combat magic, and unite to Defeating the power of Queen Amethyst.

7OqRFrq - BattleHand 1.16.1 (Hight Exp)BattleHand APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Epic free-to-download strategy adventure RPG (Role Playing Game)
  • Recruit and train an army of legendary Heroes to take to victory!
  • Unlock and upgrade unique special moves for each Hero
  • Multiple battle modes, including Player vs Player challenges and survival modes
  • Collect, level up and evolve powerful cards on your way to build the perfect BattleHand
  • Adventure through mystical lands, discover new locations and defeat despicable creatures!
  • Perfect your combat strategy using elemental strengths and weaknesses for all Heroes and Villains
  • Complete epic quests for stinky cheese and stardust!
  • Stunning 3D animation and easy to learn tactical combat

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Reviews Of Game

David Missman: Impressed in every aspect of its experience so far, as soon as she completed the tutorial. It is really amazing, in fact, I would expect a dream to appear here anytime … In any case, I can certainly say that you have created a stand out game. here. And you have a lot to be proud of. Thank you so much, Kongregate.

David Ford: This game is extremely fun and very MORE to play !! I’m not very far in ATM, but really looking forward to playing later levels !! Its hilarious motivations, and challenging combat is crazy fun !! This is a great card fighting game, if you like collecting cards and fighting games, you will most likely like / enjoy this game !!

TCAT Town: The game is elaborate and has an interesting story. Turn-based combat has some nice added nuances with the card system. Overall, it’s a good game. There is nothing I can call a breakout here but it’s a solid game around.

Mr Blue: I missed this game a long time ago. Not playing since 2016. Nothing has changed. I just want people to love this game more. Until today, I will wait for the arrival of air magic and spiritual power. 5/5 deserved to be loved more.

Madhuri Das: A good game. A great size though. Many cards are there. However, it may have given some extra gems, gold and a strong card. For example, to win a battle, you may have received a strong card.