Latest Version 1.2.0
Size 69MB
MOD Features God Mode
Requirements Android 5.0+
Updated On September 16, 2021
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Introduction Game

Battle Bouncers Mod Apk (God Mode). For a thousand years, heroes, filled with valor, have trekked across the land to perform a powerful annual rite that has kept their world at peace and prevented war with the True Enemy.

However, as a new generation of bearers made their journey, things were amiss – the True Enemy returned sealing away the brave heroes and their legendary weapons in crystal shards.

Faced with a ceaseless army of mindless warriors, four brave heroes have emerged and they’re on a mission to once again bring peace back to the realm! Armed with powerful ball bouncing abilities, it is up to you to command your heroes in battle with your brick breaking skills.

Pull back and release to unleash devastating attacks, ranging from tornadoes, fireballs, and lightning bolts to crush through enemy forces. As your mighty heroes make their way across the gorgeous hand-drawn kingdoms, get ready to aim, shoot and bounce balls off approaching enemies and lethal blocks, saving your heroes from captivity in the process.

Battle Bouncers Mod ApkBattle Bouncers Mod Apk – Gameplay Screenshot

Game Features

  • PLAY a smashing new tactical RPG brick breaker.
  • COLLECT over 30 hand-drawn magical heroes such as elves, dwarves, humans, and beasts in an epic battle to save their world.
  • BOUNCE fireballs, lightning bolts, and an arsenal of destructive balls with precision off enemy forces to crush them all.
  • BATTLE an onslaught of evil advancing enemies ready to attack your heroes with arrows and poison.
  • BREAK heroes free from their prison shards and discover their full potential as they brawl through enemy lines and bounce to victory.
  • ADVENTURE down the world map to discover over 10 gorgeous kingdoms with +200 challenging levels. Each with their own captive heroes to unlock unique enemies.

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Reviews Of Game

Michael Kasumovic: This is a pretty fun game. Well balanced so that you’re not grinding to much and some interesting levels to give it a bit of a puzzle feel as well. Would definitely recommend.

Amber Thorne: Excellent twist on a great gameplay concept. I was honestly surprised to see this gem with no forced ads. Where micro transactions don’t inhibit your enjoyment of the game, so glad to see that there are mobile devs that aren’t morally bankrupt or trying to abuse the broken mobile game system for some easy cash, thank you.

Angela Jarvis: Great mix of genres. Starts to get grindy in the higher levels, but still very enjoyable. My only criticism would be the auto play tokens still using full stamina. I don’t want to waste my stamina if I’m not actually playing the level.

Silent Winter: lots of fun. Gets challenging after a few levels but so long as you complete the daily quests and upgrade your team. It’s beatable (sometimes needs a couple of attempts)

Steaphan Markotany: They asked for the rating a bit early, so I still have things to learn. But brick breaker meets adventure/exp/custom etc… It works pretty well. As a newbie it still lacks a bit of clarity though TBH

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