Batman - The Telltale Series Mod Apk

Download Batman - The Telltale Series Mod Apk 1.63 (Unlocked)

Introduction Game

Transform yourself into Batman APK and live with two egos superheroes and ordinary people in the Batman game – The Telltale Series. All your choices will determine the course of the next action of the game.

Batman is a point-and-click action adventure game built and published by Telltale Games and distributed by Warner Bros. Although taking Batman as the main character, Batman – The Telltale Series is not associated with any previous adaptations such as movies or other media.

In this playground, the player will play the role of Batman and live with both his egos as the superhero batman and normal Bruce Wayne.

You will enter Bruce Wayne’s torn mind and discover powerful, far-reaching consequences of making choices. In the new story full of violence comes from the developer behind the hit games. As The Walking Dead, you’ll discover that options will disrupt Bruce Wayne’s world and the inherently fragile stability of the depraved Gotham City.

UcybsAx - Batman - The Telltale Series 1.63 (Unlocked)Batman – The Telltale Series APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • The most expected task
  • New Gadget and Combat features
  • Get support from allies
  • The graphics are awesome

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Reviews Of Game

Odaine Crawford: Love this game, great content. Or about the content although I wish it were graphic just like the injustice as I expected … I like that plot is quite optional. I hope there will be more updates soon and more .. One problem I encountered with the game was that there was no option or third party camera view settings. Or the first one is suitable for players who are engrossed in combat. I hope something happens to be done on this issue I would appreciate it. Other than keep up the good work.

Josiah Divine: Never thought that games like this existed in the playstore and we could play it on phones. This game has never let me down, The best game I’ve ever played, Soundtrack, Graphics, Plot, Controls every single thing of this game is perfect. Gonna Buy the episode for sure. They are very expensive but I love this game so much that I have to spend my money on it.

Oreo Ones: Wow this is my new favorite batman series so far! The great storytelling and voice actors and the fact that it’s similar to the Arkham game just made me want to start over. My only problem was that there was a slight spike in latency (not too much). Especially in the battle probably because of full HD but overall this is the best batman game on mobile.

Brockz Xaikia: No doubt about one of the best games on Android. But the only problem is that you can only play episode 1 for free for about 1 hour and for the remaining 4 episodes you have to pay. Playing the first episode creates a great suspense in your mind, obviously you will be very excited and hopeless when playing the remaining games.