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Download Baseball Boy Mod Apk 1.8.7 (Unlimited Money)

Introduction Game

Baseball Boy Mod Apk (Unlimited Money). Baseball Boy is a fun entertainment game about the topic of baseball, in which the player’s task will help the boy hit the ball as far as possible, and align the ball’s direction so as to avoid obstacles. to receive the bonus. Game Boy has beautiful graphics, simple but addictive gameplay combined with realistic physical effects.

Baseball Boy is a game for those who love baseball, no story, no competitive matches, your task is to align the direction and angle exactly to hit the ball as far the better. In particular, you will see in this baseball game, the ball place is not in the stadium but rather the busy streets with many vehicles passing, the two sides are houses, villas, trees or the electricity pole.

Baseball Boy not only requires you to hit the ball as far as possible, but also to avoid hitting obstacles like trees, poles or walls. The farther you hit the ball, the more points you will gain, in order to receive a bonus, the money received is used to purchase some balls or a feature that helps the ball bounce farther. However, if the ball hits an obstacle, you will be penalized, pay attention to the sandy or grassy terrain as they can hinder your passing speed.

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Game Features

  • The farther away, the more money you get. Then only the long shot will get what you get? Of course, the reward would be money. What is more attractive than cash? The more money you can get, the more money you will receive. And that money will be used to upgrade all the necessary stats for a further shot and more money.
  • There are three types of indicators to look out for to upgrade. Of course, there are three types of indicators that need to be improved to make the most out of a shot. Strength is the index that makes your shot more powerful and apparently, the ball will fly away.
  • Many types of ball stick to unlock. There are many different types of balls that you can unlock. These balls are constantly updated by Voodoo to match the trend of the world. For example, the upcoming Worldcup 2018, certainly these baseballs will carry the symbol of the Worldcup
  • Obstacle. On the flight path of the ball will have many different backgrounds and obstructions such as cars, buildings, electric posts, trees, lawns, rivers, sandy beaches. In particular, they appear randomly, causing your route to be blocked. Be patient and agile to adjust the direction of the ball constantly, avoid hitting the obstacles on the road.
  • Funny graphics and sounds. The graphics of the game is 3D. However, there is a mixture of classic 8-bit style. Makes this game very special. You can see that the cartoon style has made the game more fun, geared to more objects and especially it makes the player more pleasant.

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Reviews Of Game

Rexton Kemp: Fun but with problems. 1st, many tiny things will ruin your hit. I will have a moonshot just for it to be stopped by some stupid ass Bush or tree. When the ball is on fire it should go through them. The water pit thing is pretty annoying too. 2nd, the ads. There are way too many so if you play I’d turn off wifi or data. Overall pretty good game, ruined by small things.

Mathew Rosario: Fun game, so close to a 5, but it could use a power meter and accuracy meter. I find it best not to try and get a perfect hit, because in fact it is not perfect. Sure it hits the ball far initially, but it will NEVER be down the middle of the road and will ALWAYS hit something and bounce back. Give the players a chance to hit towards the left or right and the ability to hit the ball softer or harder to have the ball hit near springs/hills, etc.

Daniel Gordon: Cute and extremely easy to learn how to play. Someone should report the developer of this game to some gov’t organization, it’s SOOOO addictive!!! Re-discovered… still addictive. Take the mound pick up the bat and swing with all your might, i this game will keep you entertained all morning and all night. take the plate and stand at bat Ready to do your best Let your finger do the clicking And your smartphone do the rest. Swing on, people!